Thursday, June 2, 2016

Art of Animation Resort: Lion King Suite

We recently had the chance to take our lovely family on a Disney World vacation and stay at the Art Of Animation Resort in the Lion King Resort.

The Art of Animation Resort is one of the resort's in the Value resort category.   The entire resort is geared towards families and giving them a fun and affordable place to stay!   They have 1120 family suites that can accommodate up to 6 people and themed around Lion King, Cars, and Finding Nemo.  They have 864 standard rooms that can accommodate up to 4 people that are themed around  the Little Mermaid.

When booking at the Art of Animation resort, we knew we wanted to stay in a family suite because of how many people we had.  When booking, the Fining Nemo suite is slightly more expensive than the Cars suite and Lion King suite, I assume because of the demand.  However, you can also just book a family suite, which means you will get which ever is available!   You can then ask your travel agent to put a request of which room you want!  You are not guaranteed this room, but it is worth a try!   A good travel agent will call the day before or day of to make the request known more.  This is what we did!

My daughter is a HUGE Lion King Fan!!!   She had actually asked me during our planning process (the kids had no idea we were taking them to Disney, it was a surprise) if Disney had a Lion King hotel.  So when I found out we got the Lion King Family Suite, I can not even describe my excitement and joy!
Lillie with her custom made mouse ears by Timbysia Creations in front of one of the Lion King art drawings.

When you first check in at Art of Animation, there are sketches covering the wall!  They also have a ton of easels set up so the kids can draw and color while you get checked in.  Make sure you ask guest services about the art classes they offer as well as the tour!  ALL FREE!   They have a ton of programs for kids of all ages, I was truly amazed at all they offer!

The Lion King family suite was the perfect size for all 6 of us!!  I was pleasantly surprised it had two full bathrooms!!!  (I was actually only expecting one)
I dare you not to sing the Circle of Life while taking a shower LOL

The living room area was so cozy and spacious!
Each themed room has a modern decor chair that matches the theme.  This was the one in our room.  The kids loved it and thought it was comfortable!   

I as always, was very impressed with all the little touches!  Hidden mickeys in the carpet, the stool with lyrics on it, and just so much more!

This couch pulled out into a full size sofa bed that was actually comfortable!
The TV and little stand to hang clothes and store luggage, right in front of the sofa.

I loved having a kitchenette in our room!!  We brought our own breakfast items and stored them here!   We also brought a mini bottle of dish soap with us so we could wash out our rapid refill mugs! It had a sink, microwave, mini fridge, and coffee well as extra storage space!
The dining area was so cool!  All of the kids loved the decor of the chairs.   But what was fascinating, was the table pulls down to a full size bed!   Jeremy and Chloe both slept here, and they found it to be very comfortable as well!

The bedroom features a queen size bed as well as a TV and storage space.

The entire building had so many fun lion king features!
The carpet outside of our room had animal paw prints leading the way!  This has to be one of my favorite pictures of our girls!
Our own little pack of laughing hyenas posing right outside of the elevators.

One of my favorite things about this resort is there are SO MANY WONDERFUL PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES all over the entire resort!!!  I would really love to do a professional family photo shoot here one day!
Hakuna Matata!

This resort features three different pools (Nemo themed, Little Mermaid Themed, and Cars Themed).   The main pool is known as "the Big Blue Pool" and is found in the center of the resort in the Finding Nemo section.  What makes this pool stand out is not just the size and the Nemo decor, but it is the only pool at the Walt Disney World resorts where you can HEAR MUSIC UNDER THE WATER!!!!!   You have to check this out!  Oddly, Jeremy and I seemed to be more fascinated by this then our kids were, LOL.

"Landscape of Flavors" is their in resort food court and I have to tell you, the food there was amazing!   They always seemed to have a ton of cast members at the registers and we never had to wait long, even during peak times!!

I would definitely recommend staying at this resort for ALL FAMILIES!   This was one of the funnest places we had ever taken our kids, and not just because we love Disney!  We all made memories that will truly last an entire lifetime and forever be treasured in our hearts and minds!  

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