Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Are the Osborne Lights returning?

So this morning social media was a flutter because a site was active on the actual Disney website showing the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights would return this season in the Muppet Courtyard at Hollywood Studios.  You can see the site by clicking here, but I posted a screenshot above.  Last year they made a big deal about it being the final year and we were all told how they ended the contract with the Osborne family and they returned all inventory to them as well making it official.  People (myself included) went crazy to get in to see the final year of the lights!  Souvenir Merchandise was sold bidding them farewell and everything!  You can imagine the uproar that went on when people realized this!

I personally tried to call a couple different numbers I have for Disney to find out the story, but I was on hold too long and unable to get through (Apparently a ton of people were calling!).  Luckily my very dear friend Amanda from  (another AMAZING Disney Fan blog to follow) was able to call in and talk to people!  Disney told her that this was just an old site with misinformation and they were well aware of the mistake.  

There are a ton of opinions and rumors going crazy all over social media right now regarding this.  Here is my PERSONAL OPINION:
  • I think to bring back the lights this year would be bad marketing on Disney's part.   So many people flocked to the parks just to bid the lights farewell and this would leave people feeling duped by Disney and would take away a ton of trust with the consumer!  I think a lot of people are frustrated with the many changes being made and feeling the greed is getting the best of the Disney administration, this would push some over the edge.
  • If they brought it back, the Muppet Courtyard is just too small of a place to have it!   That is a very small section of Hollywood Studios and the crowd control would be horrible.   Not to mention how disappointing it would be to see them on such a smaller scale!  If they do come back, I think it would be gorgeous at Epcot spread throughout the different countries (FYI it has been at Epcot before!) or at Disney Springs where it can be enjoyed by the public for FREE.
  • People are saying with all the construction and current closures at Hollywood Studios, they have to bring it back to increase revenue.   Yes, that makes sense, but I stand by my first point.  
  • I could see Disney re-opening a new contract with the Osborne family and giving it a whole new spin!   That would actually be amazing!   However, I think they need to wait at least a year or two if they decide to do that.


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