Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pixie Dust Required goes to the 2015 Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights!

Recently, I got a chance to visit the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights at Hollywood Studios!   With this being the last year, when I found out I was getting to go, I cried!!   This has been something on my Bucket List and my Disney Bucket List  for a very long time!   Thank you to Mama Renee for helping me to achieve this dream!

I have to tell you, this was one of the most amazing nights I have had in a long time!   If you are like me, wanting to see them so bad, you need to do everything you can while you can!   I know people are saying they have said that the lights would go away for years, but this year Disney turned o, ver the inventory list closing out the deal.   If you are unable to, tonight (Wednesday November 18, 2015) you can watch the Live Stream Broadcast at 10:30 pm Eastern Time!!   You really need to!   Click  HERE to find out more. 

Upon arrival, the giant Christmas Tree made my heart race!   

After checking out a few of the attractions, we made our way over to the Streets of America (towards the back of the park) to get our Holiday Snacks and find our spot.

Right by the Sci-Fi Dine in Theater Restaurant, we found one of their Holiday Lounges with special drinks!   Jeremy got the Twinkling Twilight and I got the Gumdrop.  I was jealous of the glow cube, so the bar tender traded my gumdrops for a square glow cube.

The special Christmas Light Bulb Glow Cube even had Hidden Mickeys on it!!!!!!

Right in that same area there was a little store that sold baked goods, coffee, and some other housewares for souvenirs.  

I had to do the Mickey Mouse Gingerbread Man

You have to eat the ear first!  Its the law!

Jeremy went for a HUGE Mickey Mouse Chocolate Cookie

You want to get there early enough to get a seat for the lighting ceremony if you have never seen it.  This happens nightly at 6pm.  The best seats are under the giant light Christmas tree right by this giant present (that has the light switch in it)

Sorry for the not so great pictures, I was using my i-phone and it was crowded.  Every night they choose a family to flip the switch on lighting up the entire area!  I literally got goosebumps it was SO MAGICAL!!!!!!

There is so much to see!!!!    We walked through it several times!  If you are like us and like to hunt for Hidden Mickey, this will not disappoint you!  They are all over the place!!!!!

I love the snowman with the Mickey Ears on him!

This area was one of my favorite spots!  All the flying angels were breathtaking.  I kept thinking if this is so awe inspiring, can you imagine how the shepherds felt when Jesus was born?  I love that Disney put in an all white Angel in memory of Mr. Osborne when he passed away too!

OK I was SUPER excited to see Mr. Gold's Pawnshop!   If you are a Once Upon A Time fanatic like I am, you know my excitement!!!   Then to see it covered in Christmas lights, AMAZING!

The Nativity Scene was GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

The Frozen Air Conditioning Unit made me giggle!

The put all Holiday Icons in there..

I cant tell you how often my mouth was open and I was squealing and giggling like a kid!

These bicycles covered in lights were awesome

Different windows had Disney Characters peeking out

The canopy of lights was truly magical and romantic!

Check out the Mickey Basketball!   And I truly think someone who put up the lights was a Florida Gator Fan!   (there were several things with orange and blue lights) CHOMP CHOMP GO GATORS!!!

We found Stitch!  OHANA!

Hidden Mickey in the telephone booth

I jumped up and down like a kid when we found Baby Sinclair from the Dinosaurs!

I want this to be my front door!

The paws have hidden Mickey!   AND MORE GATOR COLORS!

Hidden Mickey on one of the overhangs

I dont what about these reindeer I found so stunning but I kept getting drawn to them!  Love the shapes!

Osborne Family Stockings

Hidden Mickey in the flames

Hidden Mickey inside the giant tree

For the Star Wars fans

There were so many amazing photo op spots!

We had to pose with the Singing in the Rain Umbrella!

Sorry Osborne Family, we are both Gator Fans!

Do you see The Incredibles logo?

Even the Toy Soldier is wearing Mouse Ears!

They had a really cool store front window with some amazing history of the Osborne Family, make sure you take a few minutes to stop by and watch this!   I was amazed at the pictures of his house when he first started out!

Make sure you click HERE to check out my New YouTube channel for Videos of the Osborne Lights!   Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL FOR EVEN MORE AMAZING DISNEY VIDEOS!!!!!!!


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