Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Seth's Magical Moment with a Dapper Dan

This past Saturday (11/19/16) we took our kids to Disney to check out some of the new holiday stuff happening at the different parks.  We got to the Magic Kingdom just as they were getting ready to do the Flag Retreat.  We had never done that before, so we of course had to stay and watch it!

I have always been a big fan of the Dapper Dan's, so I was excited to see them there in their Christmas attire.  I pointed that out to all the kids and told them how much I loved listening to them sing as a kid and shared some memories.

Seth is one of my kids who is constantly mesmerized at Disney and literally sees the Disney magic in EVERY. SINGLE. THING. there.  It is pretty magical.  Seth is currently 10 years old and in the 4th grade.  This is a kid of many talents, but his passion is to dance!  He is currently taking 5 dance classes (Hip Hop/Breakdancing, Acro, Musical Theater, Jazz, and Tap).   His life goals are to get a dance scholarship to University of Florida and work at Disney as a dancer (yes, he came up with that all on his own, yes, I am amazed and proud!).  Being a male who dances, he has had his challenges.   He has had people make fun of him and degrade him because he loves to dance so much.  Because of this, every chance I get, I love giving him the opportunities to see, meet, and talk to other dancers.   When we go to Disney, he gets beyond excited to see other guys there dancing!  (The lost boys in the parade and Prince Naveen in the new Mickey's Friendship Faire show have been some of his favorites).

While we were waiting for the Flag Retreat to begin, Seth noticed that the Dapper Dans had on tap shoes.   He moved closer as soon as he noticed this.  We asked one of the other cast members, and learned that they do not dance in the Flag Retreat ceremony, but that didn't stop Seth from being mesmerized.  One of them, was constantly tapping and sliding his shoes which made Seth smile so big.  He looked over and noticed Seth and Seth got the chance to talk to him.  He told the Dapper Dan how old he was and about all the dance classes he takes and his goals.  This man went above and beyond in that moment!!!   He cheered Seth on and told him how amazing it was and how bright his future would be as a male who dances if he stuck to it.   This guy had NO IDEA the major struggles this child has went through or the countless tears shed over his passion.  Yet, he knew EXACTLY what to say!  He encouraged Seth to stick with it no matter how hard it seemed.  He encouraged Seth in a way I never will be able to.  Here was this guy, doing one of the very things Seth truly wants to do when he grows up guiding him along.   Friends, as a mom, I was so touched I wanted to cry.  The magic of the moment could be seen in my child's eyes that just beamed and sparkled.  Days later Seth STILL is talking about it.  I truly believe that moment will stand out the rest of his life.  


If any of you happen to know this Dapper Dan, please pass this story on to him and tell him we are beyond thankful for taking a couple minutes and making such an impact on his life!

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