Sunday, September 27, 2015

Disney Magic in the Eyes of My Child

Let me just start off by saying I did not think it was possible to have a child so much like myself as my son!   There are times when the fact that he is TOTALLY my child sticks out more than others.  On a recent visit to watch Fireworks for the night, he was cracking me up with his antics.

When we first arrived at Downtown Disney, he hopped out of the car skipping and excited!   The magic had taken him over!   These are some of the lessons I learned about Disney Magic from him that night!   

  • Disney has a magic bubble surrounding it!   It is an invisible force field that keeps all the good magic inside.  That good magic is called Disney magic and it is what makes people filled with so much happiness.   Anybody can use the Disney Magic if they just believe.
  • When you get inside the gates of the Magic Kingdom, that is where most powerful Disney Magic is.   It is the most powerful because that is where it all began.  (On this night he was stressing how badly he needed to get inside those gates because he was in serious need of charging up!)
  • Everybody has a different type of Disney Magic.   Some people can fly like Peter Pan (that is his favorite), some people can go invisible, some people can change into other shapes, and yet others (like himself) can use super speed to go faster!
  • Disney Magic can be transferred through different items that come from the park and can help you charge up your belief.  That is why souvenirs are so important!
  • Only people who believe in Disney Magic can see characters others can not, such as Bambi in the woods (we saw a deer from the Disney Bus on property) or Peter Pan flying in the sky!
  • The Epcot ball is where the majority of Disney Magic is stored, and that is why it is so big!
  • As long as you believe, you can be anything you want to be!!!   That's one of the best parts of having Disney Magic inside of you.

I know there are many skeptics out there at letting children believing this type of stuff.   But I believe it is children who have a childhood filled with magic and wonderment because some of the most creative people out there!   Look at Walt Disney himself and the empire he created.   None of that would not be possible without a very wild and active imagination.   And I think there is wisdom in what my sweet boy says!  ALL IT TAKES IS BELIEVING!!!!!!


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  1. Interesting post. Loved how you've written it. :)

  2. Oh my gosh, this is so sweet. I love how into Disney your son is! I know all about the Disney bubble and it is a wonderful place ;)

  3. So cute! I lived close to Disneyland growing up (and actually worked in Downtown Disney in high school!) and it was always so fun to see how the kids' eyes lit up as they got to experience it. I'm so glad your son could experience that!

  4. Kids think the most beautiful things! Thanks for sharing:)

  5. I love this and even though I'm a 25 year old lady, I still believe some of these things. He is totally correct, souvenirs are very important! I hope when I have kiddos that they believe like this as long as possible