Sunday, September 27, 2015

Cloudy Fireworks are the Best!

One of my favorite things to do is to visit one of the Magic Kingdom Resorts to watch the fireworks.   I have always been a sucker for fireworks.  This past week was a tough one, and we had other things to do in Orlando, so after school we drove the kids on over.   We usually park at Downtown Disney and explore the shops and take a bus over to our resort of choice.  On this night we were running short on time and didn't have a lot of time for exploring.   It was rainy and cloudy too, so that can affect the exploring a bit with kids too.  We got a bus pretty quick and headed over to the Grand Floridian.   This is my favorite Disney Resort, and Chloe (Jeremy's daughter) loves it because Full House filmed an episode there and Uncle Jess played on the piano (she is a big fan).
Who doesn't love riding in the Grand Floridian glass elevator?

From there we rode the elevator upstairs to get on the Monorails (we all love riding them!!).   

This night ended up being a special night and a first for us all.  The monorail pilot was an older men who was super friendly and talking with the kids and joking with them.   They loved it.  Well, he put Seth in charge (which after a week of some serious bullying at school was EXACTLY what he needed!) and deemed them all Monorail pilots and gave them special stickers!!!!

After we got off at the Contemporary Resort, we made our way to pick our desserts and snacks from the Contempo Cafe.  This is their quick service food court (who has amazing meals FYI) and they have a pretty cool little bakery window.
Jeremy and I both picked out this AMAZING Peanut Butter Pie Dessert!   It was a pie crust, vanilla pudding, peanut butter cream cheese frosting, and chocolate ganache drizzle.   It was delicious!   Very sweet though, I could have shared mine.  
Seth got a Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich with a Chocolate Mickey Mouse (he was fascinated with that part).

After we got our snacks, we headed outside.   At the Contemporary, they have a viewing deck made to sit outside and watch the fireworks.   They have benches and I'm told sometimes they pipe in the music from the Fireworks show (I have been to this spot a few times and yet had that happen though personally).  They have a few benches and a very large balcony.   We got there later then we planned this night and all the benches were taken.  It was also still drizzling off and on (I was actually worried they may cancel the fireworks the weather was so yucky) so we weren't sure what we were gonna do.  Then Jeremy (he is such a genius!) noticed there were people in the outside stairways and that they had balconies as well to see the fireworks!   So we hiked up the stairs and claimed our spot!
Lillie was happy to have a dry place to sit and enjoy the cookies her and Tyler picked out.
Seth was fascinated with the Monorails flying by right underneath us!

Once the fireworks started!   We could not believe how well we could see (I have to say much better than the viewing area!).   It seemed much louder and closer too for some reason!

I was relieved the fireworks went on despite the weather.   If the weather is off, they tend to shoot a lot of the fireworks off towards Space Mountain, which usually can be disappointing.   There is something so magical about the fireworks going off around the castle.   This night however, had to be one of the coolest firework displays I have seen my entire life!   As the fireworks went on, a combination between the smoke and the clouds getting much lower, created a site I can only show you!

It truly was amazing!!!!!!   After that we got back on the monorail for another loop around and to stop and take a picture with the Mickey Mouse Pumpkins before the bus ride back to Downtown Disney (Disney Springs, I have to get used to calling it that) and driving back home.    

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