Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Disneyland: The Perfect Place for Disney Die Hards! (a report from my friend Amelia)

So as much as I live Disney, I have only ever been to Disney World in Florida!  It is certainly at the top of my list to go to Disneyland in California, but I also know that park is run very differently from Disney World.  A lot of my clients from Ohana Adventures Travel get easily overwhelmed by all the differences, as do many people!   But recently, one of my good friends Amelia, from Travels with Amelia, ventured out west!  Her thoughts on Disneyland were so great I just HAD to share them with you all!

"So here goes.
Disney World vs Disneyland or, MINE IS BETTER THAN YOURS.
This is a real life thing to the uninitiated. A battle, if you will. I was once very far on one side. Even to a point I was unreasonable. (Who? Me?)
Here's the truth. And people know I usually wont mince words. Going in for this round I was skeptical. And the planning and cost was NOT making me feel better about it. 
Arriving at LAX and having that airport smack in the middle of the city w traffic whizzing by without Magical Express was making my heart sink a little.
Then we checked into The Grand Californian...WOW. Now that's a hotel! (nearly 3 times a night than an on property resort at Disney World)
Our room was pretty spacious and could easily have slept 5. They weren't stingy w towels and toiletries as I'm beginning to experience with the Disney World resorts.
So w a three hour time difference and a day of travel, we went to sleep very excited about our big day. The Diamond Celebration of Walt's baby.
As we walked out of the shelter of our hotel we were immediately in Downtown Disney. And they were playing Disney music, not a bunch of loud junk which I immediately loved. There it was! Disneyland on my left, California Adventure to my right. (did I mention there is a gate just for Grand Californian guests right into the park?)
As we walked in it's...the same. But...different. People aren't acting crazy. It's...we are waiting for rope drop together. Just hanging out. Outside the tiniest, sparkliest castle ever. Its so small in scale it I want it in my backyard. And people who really know me are now concerned someday it will be after that statement.
And what I will say now is this.
Disneyland will win the heart of any diehard, old school, Sundays with Walt on TV kid. IF YOU LET IT. The care to preserve what Walt built is so stunning I could not stop smiling. And of course, in the dark, I cried just a little during Pinocchio's Daring Adventure. How I remember watching that scared to death at my grandma's as a child. Fantasyland is a gem, with characters roaming about free as the wind with not a cast member in sight.
I'm not sure what my problem was on my first visit. I cant say. Maybe you need a visit to understand this isn't Disney World. Maybe that's the trick. And then just come again with an open heart.
California Adventure. Its Disney. Its fun. I enjoyed it the first time. And we did again. World of Color is so cool. And nothing compares to fireworks at Disney.
And here's my final word.
Wishes knocks your butt in the dirt Disneyland...and your Pirates of the Caribbean is the BOMB YO!
Hurrrrry Baaaaaack!"

I just loved her view point!   It makes me want to hurry up and visit Disneyland even sooner!  How about you?  Have you ever been?  What are your thoughts?

Please make sure you visit her Facebook page, TRAVELS WITH AMELIA to see more of her trips!   

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