Monday, August 22, 2016

Disney Life Lessons: Finding Dory

Welcome to another edition of Disney Life Lessons!   This segment is all about how in every single Disney movie, there are a ton of life lessons to be learned (and a quick review of course).   Every single member of our family shares what they learn.  It's quickly becoming one of my favorite segments!

Finding Nemo was a very loved movie in our family, so we anxiously awaited for the sequel, Finding Dory, from the time it was announced!  It did not disappoint any of us!  I personally relate to Dory, because I am always forgetting everything I feel like!  It had a ton of funny parts, and a few sad parts too!  The animations of this movie truly amaze me at how realistic the water and the movement of the water look (do not forget to take a few minutes and really appreciate that!)  Although the movie was great, and we will be owning this one when it comes out, it did have some pretty tough story lines!  IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE MOVIE, YOU MAY NOT WANT TO READ THE NEXT PARAGRAPH.

Dory lost her family because of her forgetfulness, meaning it was her fault.   Her parents however never gave up looking for her and in the end, found her.   Because of this, this movie may be very hard for kids who struggle with self doubt, abandonment issues, or who are in the foster system or have been adopted.  For more detail on this, I would recommend clicking HERE and/or HERE for some great articles on that.  If you think your kid(s) struggle with any of that, I would suggest watching it with him/her or setting aside time after alone to discuss it and how it made the child feel.

Let's move on to what life lessons my family walked away with from this movie!

TYLER (13 years):

  • If you set your mind to it, you can do it. (Dory found her way home)
  • Family will always love you
LILLIE (12 years):
  • If you have a disability, you can overcome it (she suffers from a pretty tough learning disability)
  • Never give up
  • Family is not just blood, family is who loves you and cares for you.
CHLOE (10 years):
  • Always believe that you can do it.
  • Family forgives.

SETH (10 years old):
  • Even if you have people tell you you aren't able to do something, do it anyways.
  • Never think that your family will forget you, family never forgets.
  • Family will always help you when you need help.

There is always another way to accomplish something.
  It is OK to be angry, but it is not OK to use hurtful words when you are angry, those words can stick into peoples minds.

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