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Disney Honeymoons (AKA Disneymoons) are the best!! (And how to register for one!)

If you are in the wedding planning stage, you are also in the honeymoon planning stage!   Walt Disney offers so many options to choose from that are full of romance!  The most popular are a Disney Cruise and Walt Disney World, however you can not forget Disneyland in California, Disney Aulani in Hawaii, and Disney Adventure Trips all over the world!!!

You can always do all of your honeymoon planning yourself, but I recommend using a Travel Agent!  You have enough planning to do with the wedding, let someone else handle all of the logistics of the honeymoon!   I recommend Ohana Adventures Travel, where I am personally one of the agents myself!  We do all of the logistics from planning where best suits you as a couple, dining reservations, fast passes (if needed), and a detailed itinerary for you to take with you!  Here is what is super cool, you can register with us for your honeymoon with our affiliate agency, Vacation with the Magic, who has put in a ton of work to become Earmarked!  Visit and click on the 'Wedding & Honeymoon Registry' button!   Just please be sure to ask for Tamara Fryer if you do not already have an agent!  All of my services are completely free to you and without any hidden fees!  (If you have an agent, ask if they offer honeymoon registry!)

 With your Honeymoon registry, you can not only pick where you want to stay, but you can also break it down in increments to best suit your guests (for example, 10 gifts of $50 each towards resort accommodations).  You can add a ton of other features like Carriage Ride, specific dinners at specific restaurants, excursions, special bride and groom mouse ears, fantasy funds, spa services, and so much more!  This gives your guests the ability to feel they are included and the ability to actually choose you something specific from them!

So why honeymoon (Or Disneymoon as we like to call it) with Disney?  Who does romance better then the experts on "happily ever after"?   You will not find guest service better with any other company out there!   Disney provides so many chances to experience the most romance and fun you will ever have in your life!  But I figured instead of telling you why I think it is the best choice, I would interview one of my favorite Disney Brides ever, Amanda LoCicero!  (click HERE to read about her amazing Disney Inspired wedding!)   Her and Alex had one of the most fun filled Disneymoons (as apparent in their pictures!) so I thought you would like to hear straight from her!

We sailed on the Disney Dream from May 18, 2015-May 22, 2015 to the Bahamas with a stop at Castaway Cay. Then we went to Disney World from May 22-27.

WHICH RESORT(S) DID YOU STAY AT WHILE AT WALT DISNEY WORLD? We stayed on property at The Contemporary

HOW DID THAT RESORT MAKE IT SPECIAL FOR YOUR DISNEYMOON? They switched our room to be in the main building for our convenience.

WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE PART OF YOUR DISNEYMOON? I liked that we made ourselves relax on the cruise before going to WDW. I also liked that it was the 24 hour kickoff to summer in the Magic Kingdom and that it was Star Wars Weekends.

WHAT AS ALEX'S FAVORITE PART OF YOUR DISNEYMOON? Alex's favorite was the cruise. It was new to the both of us and relaxing. He also enjoyed Star Wars weekends.

HOW DID YOU FEEL YOUR DISNEYMOON SHOWCASED THE ROMANCE OF THE OCCASION? On our cruise we had private dining so we were at a two top instead of eating with other families. We also had concierge service on the cruise and everyone made a big deal that we were honeymooning. They made sure that whatever we needed was available. We had some nice meals too. On the ship we dined at Palo on formal night and after we were able to take nice photos since we were dressed up. Our second day at WDW we ate at California Grill and watched Wishes on the viewing deck of The Contemporary.

DID YOU DO ANY SPECIAL EXCURSIONS YOU WOULD RECOMMEND? We wanted to explore Castaway Cay so we rented bikes and biked the entire island and walked the trails. We found a nice lookout tower where we were able to see a lot! We didn't do any crazy excursions which worked out well because it started to pour at one point.

WHAT WAS THE MOST ROMANTIC PLACE YOU ATE AT ON YOUR DISNEYMOON? I think Paolo and California Grill were the most romantic places. I loved being at sea watching the ocean while eating at Palo. It's also adults only so there weren't any children there. California Grill had an amazing view of Magic Kingdom and we really enjoyed watching Wishes from the viewing balcony. We had a much longer trip to WDW about 6 months prior to our honeymoon where we ate at Victoria & Alberts. I think that was our ultimate romantic dining experience in WDW.

HOW IMPORTANT IS IT TO GET THE MEMORY MAKER FOR YOUR DISNEYMOON? We always get memory maker for our trips. We think of it as a souvenir. We especially liked it four our honeymoon because people will take extra time to make sure your pictures are special. They noticed our buttons and would give us magic shots or take fun photos of us. Plus it's nice that we are in the pictures together and we don't need to ask other guests to take our photos.

IF YOU COULD TELL FUTURE COUPLES TO DO JUST ONE THING YOU TWO DID ON YOUR DISNEYMOON, WHAT WOULD IT BE? Make time to relax! Weddings are time consuming and stressful!! We did the cruise first to make ourselves stop and relax for a few days since we know how crazy we are in Disney World. Whether it's a nice meal, renting a boat, a carriage ride, whatever you like! Disney offered so much more than attractions and shows that you can pretty much take your pick.
I would and always use an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner! Their services are free and they can save you money and get you additional information that's not as accessible to the general public. Plus it's nice to have someone who can guide you and answer your questions. No matter how much I know about Disney I always use one. I would also tell people to get their buttons. It's nice that you have Cast Members telling you "congratulations" and asking about your wedding or how you met. It keeps the celebration alive and you never know if some extra pixie dust will come your way.

Disney has something for everyone! Honestly, no matter where your interests lie there is always something for everyone to do. You can be a princess, travel the world, relax on a beach, go to a luau, camp, swim with dolphins, see Cirque du Soleil; the list goes on and on! Who doesn't like to escape reality and be in a magical place where anything can happen?

Check out more of their adorable honeymoon pictures!
Don't these make you just want to go book a trip right now!?!?!?

Don't they take the best ever pictures?!? And HELLO! Their ride attraction photos!! You can contact her on for tips on how to take those (or join her group by clicking HERE) ! LOL

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