Thursday, April 7, 2016

Pixie Dust Required does Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf!

On our recent Disney trip, we decided to use our Magical Extras mini golf tickets and go check out Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf on our no park day!  This adorable place is located between the Swan and Dolphin resorts, across the street! (from our resort, we took a bus to one of the parks, then another bus to the Swan Resort and walked over) With your Magical Extras, you get 4 free tickets!  If you would like to purchase additional or just go over for the day separately, it is only $14 per adult, and $12 for ages 3-9.

When we went, we had to wait about an hour, however they have a pretty place to wait with some snacks for sale as well!  (You can even get a Mickey Ice Cream Bar).  The kids were able to run and play in the grass which was nice too!  I was a little annoyed to wait so long at first, but when I realized that they do this so that each family has ample time at each hole, it was well worth the wait!  We never felt like the family behind us was rushing us and we never had to wait on the family in front of us either!  They time the intervals perfectly!

The course itself was amazing!  We had kids ages 12, 12, 10, and 9 and all of them loved it!   There were some holes that were fairly easy, and others that were just difficult enough it gave them a challenge without overwhelming them!

The snowflake turned and you had to to try to get the ball through one of the points.  You could also just put around that too!

My kids (who happen to love Fantasia) were in love with all of the adorable statues from the movie everywhere!

The mushroom guys popped in and out of the ground!

So many great photo opportunities!

Be careful!  As you walk under the dancing broomsticks, they will surprise you and squirt out water!   This brought on a ton of giggles!!!!

Seth is a HUGE Sorcerer Mickey fan, so he was pretty excited about this!!!

The last hole was the most challenging, there were a lot of golf balls in the water, LOL!  Luckily, none of them were from us!

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