Wednesday, March 2, 2016

This Trick Will Save You Hundreds on Your Next Disney Trip!

I had seen a lot of buzz on different Facebook groups about using your Target REDcard to buy Disney Gift Cards and get a discount on them, but I didn't really understand to tell you the truth! A lot of people also seemed confused saying not all gift cards get discounted.   So, I figured to look into it!

The Target REDcard comes in two forms.  A debit card, where when you use it, it takes the money right out of your checking card, and a credit card.   With both of these cards, you get an extra 5% off your purchases!!!!!  I did some digging and asking, and they can not take that 5% off of all the gift cards they sell there, however, we are in luck!!!   You can use it on ALL DISNEY GIFT CARDS!!!!  In the store, they come in $25, $50, or $100.  Online at you can get them in either $50 or $100.  Now, I know 5% does not sound like a huge discount.   But that saves you $5 on every $100!!!   An average family of 4 can easily spend $3k on a Disney Vacation Package, that would then be a $150 savings!!!   Disney gift cards can be used to pay travel agents too!!!

I also learned another tip.   As you buy Disney gift cards (whether several thousand worth at once or smaller increments over time), you can go to and combine your gift cards into one with a value of up to $1k.  That will be much easier to pay your Disney Vacation Package with and easier to take one card with you for spending too!  

HINT:  If you are planning a Disney Honeymoon, not only can you register for your Honeymoon at (Please make sure you request Tamara Fryer as your agent!), but you can also register for Disney Gift Cards on your Target Wedding registry to help pay for it!!

HINT:   For PASSHOLDERS, use your Target REDcard to get smaller increment gift cards and use that on any snacks, food, or souvenirs you will buy in the park over time!

If you need help booking your own magical Disney Vacation, please visit 

and send them a message to get a no obligation quote!!   All their services are FREE to you!   They can help you find the best rate, the best resort to meed your needs/wants, and even help you with dining reservations and fast passes!!!!

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