Tuesday, February 23, 2016

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest Your Tax Refund On A Disney Vacation

It is that exciting time of year when most of us receive that lovely tax refund!  If you are like me, I start thinking in late fall what I want that money to go to, LOL.  For year, the majority of my tax refund went to paying bills and paying off debt (which is an important thing).  But I truly believe you never know how many days on this earth any of us have.  I say invest a majority of that refund into making memories!!!!  

1.  EVERYONE NEEDS EXTRA MAGIC:  Anyone else besides me just get overwhelmed with life sometimes?  I get tired of being an adult!  LOL.  All the responsibilities.   Bills, Kids, Work, Relationships, Family, etc.  There is nothing more magical than that feeling you get when you first walk through the main gate and enter onto Main Street with the view of Cinderella's Castle!!  Every single worry just disappears for that time!  One of my fellow mommy friends says everytime she sets foot on Main Street, she cries!  I admit it, I've done it a few times myself.

2.  CREATE MEMORIES THAT LAST A LIFETIME:  What better investment is there than creating memories for your loved ones that will stand out as some of the best memories they ever had for their entire life?  Nothing is more valuable than that!  I do not know a person out there that has been to Disney and not said it's one of the best memories they have.  At 35 years old, I still have a memory as a kid of me and my grandma searching all over the Magic Kingdom for the perfect stuffed animal (I ended up with a Tigger that my son now has!), I have memories from all stages of life at the "Happiest Place on Earth".  Why not provide the same for you and your family?!?  To me, there is nothing more valuable then precious memories.   When it gets to be my time, my kids will not remember how much debt I had, how clean my house was, or what awesome things were in our home, they will remember THE TIME WE SPENT TOGETHER HAVING FUN!

3.  BE A KID AGAIN:  Put on those Mouse Ears, dress up in your Disney gear, and go be young again!   Stand in line to meet your favorite character!  Squeal at the parades!   Tear up at the Wishes Fireworks Spectacular!   Scream in excitement on your favorite ride!  Enjoy that special snack!  Do the Disney Cruise!   I promise you, all that is good for both your mental health and your physical health!

4.  ROMANCE:  Who doesn't need a little extra romance in your life?  There are so many romantic spots all over the entire Disney Resort you need to experience at least once in your life!  Hidden Hammocks at the Resorts.  Fine Dining.  Secluded spots to people watch.  Have kids?  You need it even more!  LOL.  Take advantage of Disney's Child Care Services!

5.  DO A LITTLE SPLURGING:  So some of you already do a family vacation every year!   Many of you already do a Disney vacation of some sort every year!   Use your tax refund to take it a little further!  Do a Disney Cruise!   Go on that fabulous Disney Adventures trip!  Splurge and get the Dining Plan a level above what your normally do and enjoy the Signature Dining and/or Character Dining Experience you always wanted to!   Book at that resort you have always dreamed of staying but have yet to experience!  Go on that magical excursion you have always dreamed of (Fireworks Cruise, Dessert Party, Behind the Scenes tour, etc).   No better time then the present to live life to the fullest!   Use that tax refund to create an experience you normally would never do for yourself!!!

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