Sunday, December 27, 2015

False "shots fired" causes panic at Disney Springs on Christmas evening

Friday evening, people enjoying their Christmas at Disney Springs experienced a massive state of panic.  Guests were seen running to the parking garages and hiding in many of the retail stores and restaurants there.   It all came from a false alarm!

70 year old, Luis Ojeda-Reyes, got into a brawl Friday night around 9:30pm after his dinner was taking too long be served to him at Bongos Cuban Cafe. He asked to speak to the managers and when they apologized for the delay due to Christmas and being so crowded, he shoved one of the managers which led to him trying to throw a punch at the managers face and another employee jumping in trying to stop it. Workers escorted him outside of the restaurant after he grabbed the managers arm, leaving a mark.  He was later arrested outside by the nearby Starbucks.

But unfortunately, a mix between people's heightened fears and the loud banging of the brawl, other guests went into panic and  mass chaos!  People started yelling gunshots had been fired, some guests heard people say a bomb went off and it just went crazy!  People didn't know what to believe so when they heard people yelling and saw people running, naturally, you do the same!  It was a very scary experience for many!   Traffic was a stand still in the parking lot until after midnight with people unable to leave the property. 

Luckily, nobody was hurt and everything turned out fine, but many people are still pretty shaken from the event.  The local news here in Orlando showed some guests saying they didnt want to return to the parks until fear of attacks on our country calmed down.

This comes after Disney recently increased security and installed metal detectors at the parks.



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