Thursday, December 17, 2015

Disney Increases Security, Stops Sales of Toy Guns, Restricts Costumes for 14 yrs +

Today (Thursday 12/17/15) Walt Disney World installed metal detectors outside all four of their theme parks that guests will be randomly selected to go through.   Disney said this in a statement to the Orlando Sentinel:  "We continually review our comprehensive approach to security and are implementing additional security measures."  This change comes not just from the recent attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, CA but last week a man was arrested for trying to bring a snub-nosed revolver with hollow point bullets into the Magic Kingdom.   On several Disney Fan groups on Facebook, people are posting pictures of the new metal detectors such as these:

Many guests are concerned that the new metal detectors take away from the magic of Disney.   People go to Disney to escape the real word, and it is sad to see that this has effected even there. My friend Clarissa Pagan hopes they will at least make the metal detectors more enticing joking she wants a pixie dust sound when she walks through!   Not a bad idea!!!!  Other guests are thankful to see the metal detectors in place saying it is long overdue and they are glad for the added protection.

I am told Disneyland in California is enforcing the metal detectors as well.   The nearby Orlando theme parks, Sea World and Universal Studios, also installed metal detectors today.

Metal Detectors are not the only changes Disney is enforcing though.   Disney is also halting the sale of all toy guns (it is rumored this may even include the toy bubble guns) and banning people 14 years and older from wearing costumes - even at Halloween parties! (for all you Disney Bounders, you can still do that!).

More deputies, security guards, and specially trained dogs have been seen on the property patrolling key areas. 

Click HERE to read Disney's newly updated rules and regulations. 


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  1. It's very sad that we need this but we do. I am glad to see Disney has stepped up to keep the most magical happy place in the world safe and comfortable. Honestly the past 3 years that I have been going to the parks I have worried every day I was there. This new additional safety measures will help my nerves and allow me to feel comfortable once again.