Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Homesick for the Haunted Mansion

I havent been to the Magic Kingdom in almost two years!   (I have visited other Disney Parks, but its been a while too, well, at least for me).   I am unbelievably homesick for what most of us Disnerds refer to as our other home, Magic Kingdom.   I have so many rides there I love to ride!   But I have to say, one of them is the Haunted Mansion.

I can remember as a kid, my parents always wanted to ride it and I would have to have a hat or something to hide my face because it scared me!   Even though it scared me, even then I loved it!  Lol

As an adult, I love every single part of the Haunted Mansion!   Even standing in line is fun on that ride!   The cast members get into it a lot on this ride, they all have to have stoic faces and it can be creepy!   Eerie music is played that even if you know what to expect, gives you chills when you are in line.  There is the comical tombstones and props that move and make noises.   When you get into the Mansion, I LOVE the part with the raising pictures!  Its always so much fun hearing people's reaction who have never been there.

Once in the ride, its almost comical!   My favorite scene has always been the ballroom with the dinner "guests" dancing everywhere!   But the best part is the ending when you may or may not have a guest follow you home!

I know it may be a bit long, and no video can ever compare to being there, but this is the closest I could find:


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