Tuesday, October 6, 2015



If there is one thing ALL Disney Fans have in common, is that you can never get enough Mouse Ears!   Am I RIGHT my friends?

I am in a search to find the coolest, prettiest, most fun, and most unusual Mouse Ears!  If you make them, I would love to do a feature on you!    All I need from you is:
  • To send me a sample pair of ears.  I can't give my own testimony and opinion without this.
  • That you have some time of online forum (Etsy store, Ebay store, Facebook Page) where you sell your Ears!
  • Permission to share other pictures you have of other ears (and clients if possible!)
  • I will send you a few interview questions for you to answer and fill out for the post
In return, you will get not just promotion from the post featuring you, but it will also be posted to my Facebook Page, my Twitter Account, and my Pinterest Page.  That will in turn bring you a lot of new traffic to your online store and this bring you a ton of new customers!!!

If you are interested you can email me at pixiedustrequired@gmail.com or contact me through my Facebook Page.

I already have several people interested and I want to make sure no two ears featured are alike!  Looking forward to hearing from you!!!!

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