Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My New Years Eve fun at the Grand Floridian

So I know I am running behind on sharing this experience with you all, I was enjoying my holiday break, but I did not want to wait until next year to tell you about the AMAZING SUPER FUN experience I had on New Years Eve!

We decided to both get dressed up for the night and make it special!

I am love to go visit the Disney Resorts and resort hop when I can.   There is just so much to do at all of them!  On New Years Eve there is even more to do!   Jeremy and I decided to drive over for the day and enjoy the NYE celebrations at my favorite resort, The Grand Floridian!   You can park at the Grand Floridian or you can park at Disney Springs and take a bus over! (we chose to get a bite to eat at Disney Springs first then head over on the bus).

Some bus drivers are extra magical and decorate their bus!   This woman had streamers and balloons all over it!  I loved seeing guests faces as they board!

When you get to the Grand Floridian, they still have all of their Christmas Decorations up, which ads to the ambiance in my opinion.  They also put up a dance floor right in front of the Christmas tree to dance to the music that is played by the orchestra upstairs. 

Right above the dance floor, they have hundreds of balloons attached to the ceiling!   Last year they were rainbow colored, this year they were all gold and silver!

They have a ton of special event bars placed all around the lobby that offer both alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. As usual, they offer special seasonal cocktails (one with a special glow cube!).  I apologize for not having a picture of this or the menu, but it was very crowded, so we opted to go upstairs and check out the Mizner's Lounge!   They were also extremely crowded with not many seats left!  We shared a seat (because we are just that couple lol) and enjoyed people watching together. 
You can click HERE to learn more about Mizner's Lounge. It was very swanky and intimate.   There were several guys at the bar watching sports which made me laugh.  They offered an array of drinks, cocktails, and food choices.  I think I would have enjoyed it more if it wasn't as crowded, but I am partial to Trader Sam's at the Polynesian.

After this, we went back down to the lobby, found our party hats and had some fun dancing and watching the crowd.   Someone provided a countdown every few minutes on the speaker which made it exciting for all ages!

As it got closer and closer to midnight, the excitement just arose!  It was a wonderful energy to be around!   There were people from all ages there just as excited!

When it hit 10 seconds, they did the famous countdown, some people screaming in excitement!  When the clock hit midnight, I get the best New Years Eve kiss with hundreds of gold and silver balloons falling all around us!

(Ok, so I am short and it was crowded and got cut out of the picture, LOL.)   The kids went crazy grabbing and popping the balloons and you heard so much laughter through out the whole room!  It really was a wonderful experience!

The crowd quickly spread after midnight

I am so glad I got to experience and do this again and again!   I loved every second of it!   


What did you do on New Years Eve?   
Did you incorporate Disney at all?  
In the parks or at home?

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