Thursday, September 17, 2015

My Pixie Dust Required Goals

I wanted to take a little time and revamp this post and share with you specific goals I have for this blog along with several different ways you can help me achieve them!

I am a single mom and one of my biggest goals is to work hard and provide a way I can bring in an income and be as present in my kids lives as possible.  I LOVE to write and I have been overly passionate about Disney my whole life, so I began this journey of Pixie Dust Required in hopes that it would get me closer to that goal.  I want this to be a blog that interacts with other people who love Disney as much as I do. I am already so excited about the many wonderful people I have got to interview along this journey and I am excited to see all the people it puts in my path in the future!  Without the involvement of fellow Disney fans, this blog would just be another travel blog, and I want it to be so much more!

The way blogging works, the more you visit my site, the higher my tracking statistics go, which then in turn, helps to increase interest with the advertisers.   When people view the ads, and especially when they click the ads, that helps me!   So the more you share this blog page and all of my connecting Social Media Accounts (FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest) that helps me!!!   Also, please make sure you are following me on all social media accounts you are on.    If you are on Facebook, if you could make sure you like the page, then invite your friends to do the same (There is a little button that says 'INVITE FRIENDS', you then click every single friend that has even the littlest interest in the Disney Parks), as well as actively stay involved by commenting on my posts and sharing them to your page, that helps me out immensely!   Every time you share, comment, and like something, it then shows up in your news feed (with comments and shares being best) and opens up more possibility of others connecting with the site.  If you are on Twitter, if you could retweet some posts and also send one out asking your friends to follow me @ PixieDustReq that also  brings in more followers!    If you are on Pinterest (because who isn't LOL) if you could follow me there as well as re-pin things I post.   All of these avenues just helps bring more followers to the blog which then turns into revenue and brings me to my ultimate goal of making this a full time job I can do and enjoy and gives me the ability to be even more active in the lives of my children.

Amazon is one of my sponsoring affiliates.   You will notice to the left of my blog page, there is an Amazon Disney store (which I have hand picked the items) and at the bottom of my blog page there is an Amazon search bar.   If anytime you buy anything at all from Amazon (including a prime membership) please go through those links as I get credit for those.

I go to Disney every single chance I get!   I currently do not have an annual pass though, so when I do go into the parks, I have to rely on my friends who are cast members.That does not mean I do not have content to write about.   There is so much to do outside the parks; Disney Springs, Disney Resort Hopping, as well as ways to incorporate Disney magic into everyday life.   However, with Disney passes, it will give me SOOOOO much more to write about and attract a massive amount more of readers and followers.  I want to be able to get inside the parks without limits so I can present the newest and most current information!  That is truly the BEST way I can grow this blog.

Before I started writing this blog, I reached out to other professional bloggers and entrepreneurs, as well as some of my closest friends who are honest to a fault.  It was in talking to all of those people the suggestion to start up a GoFundMe account came up.   I had always thought that GoFundMe was solely to help fund mission trips, pay illness expenses, etc.   However, if you look the company up, its a fundraising site with endless possibilities, started as a crowd funding site.

My goal is that by December, I am at least half way if not much more to raising the amount of the passes.  I want to start off 2016 and give the entire year to build my content up higher than ever!  I plan to be inside the parks at least twice a month, hopefully more!   By the time the passes expire the following year, my next goal is that I will have this blog built up enough that it will cover that cost and more.

The driving force behind the Go Fund Me Account is to use it as a fundraiser to build my business in this starting stage.  In order to grow, I must be able to get inside those parks without limitations.  

If you do not wish to contribute to the fund site, that does not hurt my feelings, I hope you still will follow my blog (as well as my correlating social media accounts).

If you are even considering contributing, THANK YOU!   The smallest of contributions (even $1, $5, $10) adds up when you consider how many followers I have from my personal Facebook, as well as the linked up followers I have built up from this blog.   Just visit the site by clicking here:  Pixie Dust Required GoFund Me page

Currently, I am also looking into designing a PIXIE DUST REQUIRED shirt that the proceeds will go to that as well.

I also have an artist who makes pretty awesome stuff at who will not only give you an ADDITIONAL 10% OFF when you use the code PIXIEDUST10, he has also agreed everytime that code is used, he will give a portion of that sales to the GoFund me site!  (I have an upcoming artist feature on him as well!)

I have been actively writing up goals and plans for this blog that I am constantly adding to and adjusting!   Here is my main outline for what I hope to achieve and ways you can help there as well!
  • I want to write a new post almost every day, at least 5 days a week.   I will add a question at the end of each post!!   The best way to get more people to interact starts with YOU!   If you could answer that question either on the actual post or the Facebook page if you have issues, that would be AWESOME!!!  (In order to comment on the site, if you have a gmail account, it makes it easier if you are logged in first, but still possible regardless)
  • Every MONDAY will be Disney Meme Monday!    If you see any funny Disney related memes (those are the little picture quotes we see all over social media) if you could send them to me, that would be great.    Its a good way to start off Monday (because we all hate Mondays) with laughter and Pixie Dust
  • Every WEDNESDAY will be Disney Wedding Wednesday.  This will showcase many different type of Disney Brides all from the wonderful Facebook group, Disbrides on Disney Brides Diary who I have partnered up with.   This will be a post that lets you into a new bride's life and also gives people in the planning stage wonderful ideas to us!  
  • Every FRIDAY will be Disney Fan Friday.  I want to feature people who have an outstanding love for Disney and what makes their passion stand out.   If you know of anyone would be interested, please let me know so I can contact them!
  • I want to occasionally feature SELF MADE DISNEY ARTISTS!   I have met some people through Facebook Disney groups and Etsy accounts.    If you know of anyone who hand makes any type of Disney inspired product or art, please refer them to me!   I only ask that they send me a sample product so that I can give a personal review myself.
  • I have also started conducting the GREAT MOUSE EAR SEARCH!   One thing every Disney Fan knows, is you can never get enough mouse ears.  There are so many original designs out there and I want to showcase those uniting us all together!
  • I want to also feature GUEST POSTS!   If you go to Disney yourself and have an amazing experience and/or story, consider writing a guest post for me!   I already have one lined up for experiencing Disney with a Special Needs child.   Id love other special features like that, but need your help in referring them to me! 

I really want this post to become an extremely interactive post, but that means I need your participation!    Thank you all who have been supporting me this far!   I look forward to the future and you all helping me in this amazing and magical en devour!  



  1. I've heard some great success stories through GoFundMe. Best of luck with your goals!

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