Friday, September 18, 2015

Sea Raycer at the Contemporary Resort Fun

I have always wanted to ride a boat in Bay Lake and the Seven Seas Lagoon out at Disney World.  I love boating and I love Disney even more, so the two combined just seems exciting!   Well not that long ago, my boyfriend and I had the opportunity to try it out!   We went on over to the Contemporary Resort Marina and checked it all out.

They have a lot of options to choose from there and the prices are really not bad at all!   We chose to go with the 2 person Sea Raycer and split the cost (we do this most of the time) for 30 minutes.

30 Minutes may sound short, but it actually is plenty of time!!   I honestly do not know for two people I would want to be out there any longer.   When we got in the boat at first, we laughed because we finally found a hidden Mickey!  (We are always looking for them everywhere!).   
It was a mickey in the fake little speedometer they had!    Yes, I said fake lol.    This made me laugh in itself.  Then it was time to zoom out and explore the seas!   
We looked over the map and was excited to try to get over by Discovery Island (I remember taking field trips there as a kid!  Anyone else??)   That area was pretty overgrown and there wasnt much else to see by the way.   

As soon as we got in the boats, we were ready to go fast.   Well, what we didnt realize was that the boats have a maximum speed of 20mph.  We felt like we were in a comedy!  We couldnt stop laughing.   For a little boat that looked like it had speed, we were just putting along.    We had fun exploring the Bay Lake area and it was pretty cool to see Fort Wilderness Lodge from a different view.   We then headed over to the Seven Seas Lagoon.   I had to have a picture with the castle in the background of course!   The canal that connects the two lakes is a wake only, so you go even slower, but it was neat to see all the other boaters slowly going by us, lol.   We got over there and tried to get in the wakes of the Ferry to the Magic Kingdom (You are only allowed to get so close to them).  Honestly, wasnt too big of a thrill, so we headed over to get our castle picture.  I was very excited about this picture!

  Well, you know those ferries that run from the Polynesian and the Grand Floridian?   They have an even bigger wake than the Magic Kingdom Ferry!!!    Right after we took our picture, a wave from one of those boats hit us like a typhoon!   All I remember is feeling like I was completely submerged in water!  Then all of a sudden I wasn't but I was still in the little boat (I was sure I was overboard there was so much water!).   Then we both erupted into a huge fit of laughter.   I was literally sitting in a huge puddle in my seat.  I had a moment of panic that my phone got wet, but all was well and we continued to laugh for quite some time.  I really cant believe I cant find a picture showing how soaked we both truly were.   Looked like a pair of wet rats!   I wonder what the people in that boat thought?  I am sure they had a ton of laughter at our expense too!  

All in all it was one of the best dates and a memory I will surely never forget!!!   What are some of the recreations Disney has to offer you have explored?

*Disclaimer, some of the pictures I got from Google Images

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  1. One of my best memories at Walt Disney World was of the boats at the Seven Seas Lagoon. My family and I were staying there and my father decided that we all should rent a boat for the half hour. I was so upset when I learned that I was not allowed by Disney to operate the boat. However my father had other ideas. So when we were far enough out that no one could see us from Disney my father instructed me to take the wheel. I had the best time driving the boat on the lake. Is only for a few minutes but it's a memory that I hold dear.