Sunday, September 20, 2015

Magical Memories

There are many reason I am such a huge Disney fan!   The idea that dreams come true, believing in wishes, the feeling of Joy it brings, the energy that brings you back to being a kid when you go inside the Magic Kingdom gates, the magic you feel watching the Disney Fireworks, and so much more!   But one of the best things is all the memories it provides!!!

I can remember as a very young child (even younger than this) going to Disney countless times!   I remember my mom taking me to the Very Merry Christmas party and drinking hot chocolate and getting a stocking with all kinds of goodies.  I can remember riding Its A Small World over and over with my Grandma.   I can remember believing the 10,000 Leagues Under the Sea was really deep under water.   I remember eating lunch with my Aunt Linda at the Sea restaurant at Epcot (before it has anything to do with Epcot) and tasting Shark for the same time (I didnt like it).   I just have so many memories attached to Disney!
I can remember going to Disney Grad Night with my friends my senior year of High School and waiting hours to be in the front row to see the Backstreet Boys.   (And having bruises all over my stomach from the crowd being so crazy and pushing me into the crowd control barriers).   I remember being super excited that my class actually had our graduation at Disney Wide World of Sports!  How appropriate for a major Disney fan!

But as I had my own kids, it became fun to build memories with them too!   The magic was always real to me, but that just made the magic more special!  
My daughter being completely star struck at 3 years old meeting Cinderella for the first time.
Getting my daughter (4 years) and my son (2 years) totally addicted to pin trading.
The very moment my son at 3 years old (My daughter was 5 here) decided Pluto was his absolutely favorite character and got to meet him (at 9, that is still his favorite!)
Getting my daughter (8 years here) and son (6 years here) on board with when you visit Disney, it is WAY more fun to be dressed in costume!!!!! (Yes we still believe this, even as an adult I agree)
The day my daughter (at 9 years old) went dressed as Cinderella and during the Main Street parade Prince Charming saw her and blew her a kiss because he thought she was the actual Cinderella (which I have to add at almost 12 that still sticks out as one of her favorite memories!)

Disney provides so many wonderful magical things to us!!!!!  It is because of all of that, I will be a Disney fan my entire life.

What is your favorite Disney Memory??

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