Friday, December 29, 2017

Tipping Mousekeeping

The Housekeeping at all Disney resorts, has been nicknamed "Mousekeeping".  These men and women work very hard to help make sure the magic does not stop once you return to your rooms after being at the parks all day!   While this article is about tipping Mousekeeping, it can be used anywhere you travel to and at any resort or hotel!

Take a few moments to show your Mousekeepers some love and leave them a tip for the magic they help create.   While their pay is not necessarily dependent on tips, they don't make a whole lot and it definitely helps them!  Here are a few tips to help you in this process!

While you can leave a lump sum at the end of your stay, leaving a tip every day helps to ensure that the person who cleaned your room that day will receive that particular tip and be rewarded for their work.  They do not have the same people cleaning each room every day.

We personally go with the $1 a day per person rule.  If there are 2 of us, its $2 a day... and if there are 6 of us, then its $6 a day.  I know many people who just do an even $5 a day too.   If you feel your mousekeeper goes above and beyond, feel free to add extra.

Make your Mousekeeping tip extra special!   Leave it with a handheld note or decorate a fun envelope!  This can be a great project to do ahead of time to get you (or the kids) extra excited for the trip!   I have kids take envelopes and decorate them really pretty!    Then I set out the cash and have them ready in my suitcase that way in the business of the vacation, I don't forget!

Remember, Mousekeeping is not required to leave you fun towel animals or extra toiletries.   I find when you do tip them and show them extra appreciation, those fun magical extras tend to happen a bit more!    They have the ability to do all kinds of magical extras, but don't expect it.  I find expecting nothing and appreciating everything makes it a much more enjoyable experience (in all life!)

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