Friday, August 18, 2017

Save the Soap!!!


This week all over social media, I saw multiple posts discussing the rumor of the Walt Disney World Resorts changing out their soaps.   I know to some people, its a trivial thing, but to others's it is a big deal!

In the past, when you stayed at any Disney World Resort, Mousekeeping left you mini soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and lotions!   At one time (my favorite) they had mouse ears on the top (Like you see above), but those have changed multiple times over the years!  Every day when Mousekeeping would come and do turn down, they would leave these little heavenly smelling souvenirs.   Most people I believe would stock up and take them home because it was a tiny way to bring home the magic for after your vacation was over!!!  I admit, in my own home, I have a basket full of mini Disney toiletries that we kept from our many different Disney vacations!   We pull them out on special occasions or when someone needs a little extra pick me up!

But this week, this photo showed up all over social media:

Apparently, guest staying in the Port Orleans Riverside this week no longer received the mini souvenir bottles, but instead, found these larger bottles inside of dispensers nailed to the wall.   This has lead to many speculations and the rumor that Disney World will no longer after the mini bottles at any of the resorts!!!

I myself, am very sad at this!   Yes, I know we can buy the full size bottles in the gift shop, but it is not the same!   I would honestly prefer them to raise our rates by $1 a night (or whatever) and leave the soaps.  I understand that this is a cost effective choice for Walt Disney World, but I also feel this is an added amenity that I, along with many others, hate to see taken away.    I also believe this makes much more work for the Mousekeeping!    Now they have to go in and refill the bottles each night as well as clean them down, think that over.  It is much easier for them to just replenish the pre-packaged minis!


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