Wednesday, March 23, 2016

10 Ways to Get Over the Disney Blues

So we have all experienced it at some point.  That feeling you get when you get back from your amazing Disney vacation and wake up to realize you are now longer in the magic bubble of happiness!   That my friend, is what we call the Disney blues!  It can be very depressing when you get back to the real world!   Here are some great ways to help you overcome that!  (Some require some work ahead of time)

1.  Have a Disney Movie Marathon Day.   That is right, take a day to relax (because we all know how much walking we do when we visit the parks!  You need it!) and just stay in and watch as many Disney animated movies as you can in one day!

2.  Enjoy Disney Snacks.  This is one that requires you to purchase (without eating) special snacks while on the trip!  Whether it be Mickey Mouse Rice Krispie treats or Mickey Shaped crackers, make sure you get yourself some special snacks to take home and enjoy!   Bonus!   Eat these while watching Disney movies!

3.  Listen to Disney Music.  Especially at work, it is hard to get back in that routine!   Play the Disney station on Pandora and get your Disney groove on!

4.  Wear your Disney clothing.  Wear as many Disney t-shirts or other Disney clothing as you can!   You are literally wrapping your body in Disney LOL, it helps!

5.   Scrapbook.  Print out all of your Disney vacation pictures and start making a fun Disney Scrapbook of your trip!  Include any mementos, napkins, fast pass tickets, anything you brought back!

6.  Join Disney Fan Groups and interact with other Disney fans.  I have made some of my closest friends in Disney Facebook Fan groups!   Go on there and share your excitement over your trip and even how your struggling with the Disney blues!   Comment and interact on the other posts!   If you haven't joined yet, I reccommend Pixie Dust Required Pals, Dismaniacs, and Disney Fans and Friends.

7.  Shop Etsy.  This may be a silly one, but there are a ton of amazing Disney inspired artists on Etsy!   Find yourself original and amazing for your next trip or for your home!  If you follow this blog, I work hard to bring you some of the top artists!  Check them out!

8.   Make some Disney themed food.  Make Mickey Cookies (in either the iconic mouse ears or get a hand and make Mickey gloves), Mickey Pancakes, or get that Mickey Waffle Maker you've wanted and make Mickey Waffles for breakfast.

9.  Disney Craft Day.  Take a day and make some Disney inspired crafts!  Mickey Wreaths, take a shot at making your own mouse ears, Mickey jewelry, anything Disney inspired!!!

10.  PLAN YOUR NEXT TRIP!  This is hands down the best medicine for Disney Blues!   When you realize how soon you get to get back to the happiest place on Earth, you wont feel so sad!   Book your hotel, your tickets, dining reservations, and fast passes.  If you do not have a Vacation Planner yet, we highly recommend Ohana Adventures (


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