Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Disney Wedding Wednesday featuring our Pixie Dust Required Wedding! Episode 3: THE GUEST BOOK, DIY!

So today I am 80 days away from planning my Disney themed wedding at House of Blues.  Between now and the wedding, we have Christmas, my daughter's 13th birthday, and a move!  So needless to say, the panic is TRULY kicking in at this point!   I am in a rush to get as much done as possible and I have an urge to cover every detail meticulously.   I recently made a checklist, it was 3 pages long!   Not even kidding, LOL.  However, in this episode, I wanted to share with you something I got to check off of that list!   MY GUESTBOOK!

We knew we did not want to do a traditional guestbook that got stored away on some shelf.   We really wanted something that not only we could display in our home, but that showcased us becoming a new blended family.  We often quote the line from Lilo & Stitch. "Ohana Means Family, and Family Means NOBODY Gets Left Behind." so I wanted to incorporate that some how.  I searched the internet and looked all over Etsy, but I just could not find something that stood out for us.  I loved the idea of the guest canvases, but those were way out of our budget.  So somehow, my creativity kicked in and I decided to make it myself.

I started showing pictures and trying to describe what was in my head to my Aunt Linda (who has a silhouette machine she lets me use and is super creative and crafty herself).   She couldn't quite picture what I could, but we made a good team....

I went to Hobby Lobby and got a canvas in the size I wanted when they went 50% off (they often do at both there and Michaels, but if you cant wait, get a coupon from either of their websites!).  I started off trying to paint the canvas red with a brush, but that was looking SUPER streaky!!!  Like, it was REALLY bad y'all!   So then we got some high gloss spray paint and that did the trick perfect!!!!

Next, we hung it up in the spot we knew we would want it to go after the wedding.  This let us know we loved the size and could make sure the light hit the gloss and showed us if we had any remaining streaky spots.... (ignore the wall color, its changing very soon!)
Next, I went to my Aunt Linda's and we got a picture of the Lilo print I wanted and the Disney font and she uploaded them into her Silhouette machine.  We measured out where we wanted the words and did those first.  Then I took a ruler and measured how big I was picturing the leaves and printed those out and applied them.   I ended up using a blow dryer to seal down any seams and lock all of the decals into place.
I am ABSOLUTELY in love with this!!!   Each leaf gives the space for two people to sign it with a sharpie!!  I can not wait to have all my friends family sign this at the wedding!

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