Friday, July 22, 2016

T-Rex cafe at Disney springs

For my daughter's birthday, I let her pick somewhere special she would like to go have dinner with our family.  I was actually surprised when she picked the T-Rex Cafe in Disney Springs.  She had never really been into dinosaurs, but she always thought it looked cool and had a ton of her friends say it was (she turned 12!).  We all were pleasantly surprised at how fun this restaurant is, truly for ALL AGES!

One of the things all the kids loved, is while you are waiting (or after your meal) you can play in their fossil dig yard!  Basically, it is a giant sand box with a ton of "dinosaur bones" and all the tools necessary for your little paleontologist!!   

When you walk into the restaurant, you are greeted by the giant T-Rex!  All the kids squealed with delight when he roared!  It was pretty amazing!  LOL

The gift shop is right there as well, which has a pretty amazing solar system on the ceiling.

All over the entire restaurant there are a ton of robotic dinosaurs that seem real!  Some of the kids were great at naming them, I however, am not great at it.  LOL.

There are several different themed rooms within the restaurant!    Here are some pictures of the sea themed room!  I totally want those jellyfish in my house!  Anyone else??

We personally requested to sit in the Ice Cave Room because we thought it looked the coolest!   The whole room is made to look like your eating in a cave during the ice age!   (Little tip, BRING A JACKET!  The Ice Cave is FREEZING!!!!!!)   Every time a meteor storm goes off, you can hear the storm and the whole room changes to different colors!  As you can see in the pictures below, this brought on a ton of silliness and laughter!

One of our girls, Chloe, thought she could control the meteor shower!   She had us crying from laughing so hard as you can see in this video.   Look how her facial expressions match the color!   LOL.  This is what making those memories is all about Pixie Dust Pals!

I have to be honest, I wasn't expecting a lot from the food because I felt like this was a themed restaurant and sometimes you go to those for the experience more than the food!  Well, again, I was pleasantly surprised!  The food was all excellent!   Click HERE to view their full menu. If you are using the Disney Dining Plan, this does count as one table service credit.  If you are paying for it yourself, the portions are fairly large, so you can easily share.

Jeremy and I started off with their French Onion soup.  This was amazing. The entire bowl had swiss cheese melted on the top!

Jeremy and I shared the Mastadon Stuffed Chicken and we will absolutely get this again!  It was chicken stuffed with artichoke hearts, spinach, sun dried tomatoes, and lemon butter.  Served with red skinned mashed potatoes and seasonal mashed potatoes.   So delicious!!!

The kids menu had kid friendly foods!  Our kids chose cheese pizza and corn dog nuggets and nobody had any complaints (and we have some picky eaters in our bunch!)

At the end, Lillie our birthday girl, got her bit of Disney magic and all the staff brought her a yummy vanilla birthday cupcake and sang to her!  She felt so special!

If you would like to see other videos we took inside the T-Rex cafe including some of the dinosaurs, be sure to visit our You Tube channel by clicking HERE!

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