Friday, July 8, 2016

House of Blues Restaurant at Disney Springs, AMAZING FOOD!!

We recently had a chance to go check out the House of Blues restaurant in Disney Springs.  OH!  MY!  STARS!!!   This is seriously one of my new favorite places to eat ever!  Such a hidden gem that I rarely hear people talk about!  I had been to House of Blues before for different concerts, but had not ate there before, and honestly did not realize until within the last year there was even a restaurant there!  If you live local to Disney Springs, GO THERE!  If you are planning a Disney trip, GO THERE!  (FYI, if you are on the Dining Plan, your meal can count as one table service credit).
We had quite the spread as you can tell!   Here you go:

For Appetizers we had:
-VOO DOO SHRIMP (The house favorite, sautéed jumbo shrimp, simmered in an Abita® Amber beer reduction on top of housemade jalapeño cornbread).  OK, this was so amazingly scrumptious!  I was a little hesitant because I cant eat spicy stuff, but this had more of a kick to it then I would say spicy!  
-STEAMIN' TOT MESS (Tater tots topped with tender carnitas, cheddar cheese sauce and pickled jalapeño)This seriously rocked my world!   We got it without jalepenos because we dont like them.   But this fused my love of friend home cooked food and my love for cuban food in a way I did not even think was possible!  This is probably one of my now favorite dishes!  I will be going there again and most likely getting this just as my meal!!!  I have been craving this since I left!

We also got the CAESAR SALAD (Chopped romaine leaves, sprinkled with Cotija cheese and tossed in our housemade Caesar dressing and served with crostini) which was very different then any Caesar salad I have had before!  They make their dressing there and it has a bit of a kick to it that is hard to describe but was very yummy!  

For our Entrees we had:
-CRISPY CHICKEN BREAST (Pan roasted skin-on boneless breast with ham hock jus and a choice of two sides )This dish was amazing too!  It was a very home cooked meal type of taste!
-PULLED PORK SANDWICH (Slow smoked pulled pork, topped with smoked tomato BBQ sauce and homemade coleslaw, served on a brioche bun and fries ).  OK, this was another dish that rocked my world!  I love BBQ, but a lot of people dont get it right in my opinion.  This was AMAZING!  Wasnt super messy or super fatty!  PERFECT!!!! 

For Sides we had:
-SWEET POTATO WAFFLE FRIES.  OK, so these were pretty good and I would definitely recommend them, but everything else I tasted won out my taste buds so I wasnt crazy over them.
-MAC & CHEESE.  Now this was SHUT THE FRONT DOOR AMAZING!  The best mac and cheese I have ever had in my life and I am not even kidding!!!   I dont know what kind of cheese they use, but it was so rich and creamy!   It did have some chives I believe and a crumb topping, which usually I am not a fan of, but they totally rocked it!  YOU MUST TRY THIS!!!!!!!! 

For Dessert we had:
-ROOT BEER FLOAT  You can also get this with a Hard Alcoholic Root Beer which gives it a good kick!
-TRIPLE CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE (Three decadent layers of chocolate cheesecake on a cookie crust with seasonal berries) This was some of the best cheesecake I have had in a long time (and I tend to be a bit of a Cheesecake snob from visiting NYC so many times).  The chocolate was so rich and so amazing!  If you love chocolate and/or cheesecake, this is for you!
-BOURBON BREAD PUDDING (Baked with bananas and white chocolate, finished with a bourbon caramel sauce topped with fresh whipped cream).  Ok, I am a big fan of bread pudding when done right and this was AMAZING!  (I know, I know, I keep saying Amazing, but it all really was).  I could eat this every day!   It was so rich and yet so comforting too!

The restaurant has a very artsy feel on the inside which I happened to really enjoy!  You can also rent the spaces out for special events and weddings.  
The Lighting Room has a ton of windows and you can close the curtain in the middle to create two separate spaces if necessary.
The Voo Doo Room is a much larger room with a BEAUTIFUL view of the lake at Disney Springs and overlooking some of the resorts. 

I was in love with the chandeliers in the Voo Doo Room!
They also have an outdoor garden area that is very pretty.
(Picture from

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