Sunday, January 31, 2016

Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios......... and it's Live Streaming this Tuesday!

I have a confession to make.  At 35 years of age, until recently, I have missed out on one of the best Disney shows there is!  I have spent a lot of time at Disney my whole life, but Hollywood Studios had been one of my least favorite of the parks and consequently, I spent the least amount of time there.  I often park hopped when I went and always made sure that I was at the Magic Kingdom for their fireworks.   AND MAN ON MAN!  On a recent trip to Hollywood Studios, I realized what I have been missing out on!  I finally saw the Fantasmic Show!   THAT SHOW IS AMAZING!!!!   Poor Jeremy had a sore foot afterwards because I was so excited and so amazed I kept screaming, clapping, and stomping my feet....

This show will blow your mind!   The pyrotechnics, laser effects, water effects, music effects, and oh my stars the characters!!!  This show has so many different characters (50 to be exact) from so many of the Disney movies through all times!  It is a fabulous nighttime extravaganza that takes us into the imagination of the one and only Mickey Mouse.   His dream does not go as he would like it to, and the villains try to take over, and well, you need to see the show to know what happens!

Here is what is super cool, if you have not ever seen it yourself, or you just miss it, the Disney Parks Blog will be doing a live stream of the show THIS TUESDAY (Feb 2, 2016) at  6:50
pm Eastern Time. If you visit their site,, at 6:45 pm, they will even give you a behind the scenes look at the show!   DON'T MISS IT!

Check out this video from my YouTube Channel of my recent visit!

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