Monday, December 28, 2015

Enchanted Tales with Belle

Located inside of the New Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World is a little known attraction that many of you are missing out on!  Enchanted Tales with Belle is an interactive experience that has some amazing animatronics that brings the wonderful tale of Beauty and the Beast to life!  They must have at least 20 guests to do a show, so I encourage you all to go check it out!

When you first visit this 20-25 minute attraction, you visit a very detailed replica of the cottage that Belle and her father, Maurice, lived in at the village. 
Once inside, you can look all over the cottage at all the different items in there!   This is a lot of fun to explore!  You will see a ton of books, and Belle's favorites, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty are out to display.
After this stage, you proceed to the magic mirror room.  This room is so amazing!  The centerpiece of the room is a gorgeous mirror that is one of a kind (the designer and builder lives in California).  This mirror is extremely magical!  Because of that, they conveniently placed Maurice's workbench in front of it to prevent guests from getting too close at the wrong time.

PARENTS!  PLEASE do not let your kids climb all over this workbench.  It is an ongoing issue for many of the cast members and it can ruin the magic for other guests by doing so!  Getting too close to the mirror before the cast members allow you to can cause complications. This attraction is a very magical one, let's do our part by keeping the magic alive for all of us!   Spend your waiting time looking around and listen to the cast members, they will point out some of Maurice's amazing inventions you may miss otherwise.  After the cast member does their spiel, you are asked to repeat the words "Take me back to the day Belle and Beast fall in love" and the mirror magically transforms from a traditional sized mirror into a widened door length mirror and then it opens up to a pass through! 

They then open up the workbench and the guests can now go into the Castle room!  In this room, you will see the very fascinating Madame Wardrobe from the movie!   She talks and her eyes move!!!
In this room, Madame Wardrobe explains how they are planning a surprise party for Belle in the library and she wants the little villagers (kids) to play various characters from the story!  All guests must audition just as if they were actors/actresses for a part.  HOW FUN!

SIDE NOTE:   PARENTS, again this is where you have a huge part in creating magic for all of us!  PLEASE DO NOT force your kids to try out for a part that they do not want.  If a kid is excited to try out, then the rest of the experience goes wonderful.  If they are shy and are forced to, they often back out and it takes away some of the magic not just for your child, but for all the other guests too!  Also, please understand the cast members are trained to pick certain people for certain roles, do not get upset at them or give attitude if you are your child are not picked.  There have been times that parents are seen belittling their child into taking a role and that just ruins it for many!

Here are a list of roles that you can try out for:
  • 2 Shining Knights (ADULTS ONLY are picked for these roles)
  • The Beast (they ask you to put your hands up and roar like a bear, screaming doesnt get the role FYI).  If there are no children who want to play the beast, this role must be cast to a female adult, NO EXCEPTIONS made!  This role gets very close to Princess Belle, and sadly, not all men have behaved like princes so they will not show any flexibility with this.
  • Maurice (kids are asked to shiver like Maurice did when he was freezing in the dungeon.   Extra tip:  If there is a little girl with a Princess Elsa dress from Frozen, she is most likely to get this part if she tries out)
  • Philipe, Maurice's Horse (they are asked to give their best neigh)
  • Mrs. Potts and Chip. (Chip is usually given to younger children, ages 3-5 if they want to try out.  Both roles are asked to give their best hopping).
  • Madame Wardrobe is a coveted role.   Guests are asked to give their best opera/singing voice.
  • Other miscellaneous roles depending on how many guests are in attendance such as dishes, salt and pepper shakers, dog stool, laughing portrait, etc. 
Each role is given a special prop to use during the performance (that is then returned and sanitized before the next performance) which are all stored inside the body of the talking Madame Wardrobe. Before each prop is released, you are given clues as to what it is.  A lot of fun!

At the end of the castle room Lumiere will call all of the guests into the library for the surprise party!
This is when all the actors/actresses put on their performance and the rest of the guests get to watch. In the library, Lumiere does all of the talking, and at the appropriate time, Belle comes into the library and is surprised by the party!  All the actors/actresses that earned a role get to dance around the room with Belle and get their pictures taken with her.  However, Belle does NOT do autographs at this attraction (if this is what you are after, you need to go to a Character Meet and Greet of hers). After each photograph, the cast gets an autographed book mark.  HOW SPECIAL!  

To see a video from Inside the Magic of the entire attraction, click HERE


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