Sunday, October 18, 2015

What It Takes to Make a Real Life Prince Charming

Every girl dreams of finding her perfect Prince Charming!  I recently posted a question on my Facebook Page as well as a couple awesome Disney groups asking them "What would you say makes a guy qualified to be a Disney Prince Charming?".   I LOVE the responses I got!!!!   I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! It just goes to show you love comes in many different packages and colors!

Amanda Davis - "Opening doors, most certainly. Never walking ahead of you. Holding your hand when crossing the street."

Lisa Commander-Thomas - "Who needs Prince Charming when I got myself a Jedi Master???? Okay so my Jedi Master is incredibly generous, an amazing dad and I do mean an amazing dad, has a Disney side, calls me and texts me all the time "just because", puts up with my ridiculous addiction to TV shows that can and will rot your brain, supports everything and anything I want to do, and yes...still holds the door opened for me..., doesn't matter "

Dixie Marshall - "Doing the small things and encouraging my kids to think of others. Whenever he takes my kids to the grocery store he allows and even encourages they get a "gift" for mommy. It's usually just a chocolate bar or flowers but it's sweet he thinks of me and wants my kids too as well"

Amanda Welker - "He loves to be goofy, and keeps me from being too serious. All while making me feel like I'm the only one in the world, and helping the kids to be better people. He treats me like a princess, and makes me want to treat him like a he is my prince."

Maggie Larsen - "From opening the car door to fixing my lunch for work to setting up a glass of water before bed on my nightstand, he does everything he can to make my life as easy as possible. If I'm half as good to him as he is to me, we're the biggest success story out there!"

Krystal Winchester - "Loving, sweet, funny not afraid of doing silly things with you such as matching park shirts. Great with kids since we have 7 nephews together he is my real Prince Charming!"

Emily Keuler - "My Prince charming is so wonderful and sweet always finding ways to surprise me. He'll take me any I need to go, hes an amazing listener and always helps me through tough situations. Even a few years ago when I went through a deep depression he stuck with me and helped me out of it even though my brain kept telling me be would leave (thanks anxiety). Not to mention he loves kids and animals"

Brandi Richardson - "He is amazing in every way. Whether it be holding doors for me, always. Comforting me when I need it most. I swear sometimes he knows he better then I know myself because he is always bringing me thing before I even ask for them. He also gets me little Presents all the time, I'm not a fan of flowers but he never fails to put a smile on my face. Lastly, the way he loves his children, can't get any better."

Stephanie Abbott - "My Prince Charming is my 2nd chance at love. He adores my daughter and couldn't love her more if she were his own. There is nothing better than a man who chooses to love your child."

Crystal Paugh
- "
This is my prince charming. He proposed to me on this trip on 12-12-14. The 3 children are mine from a previous marriage and he loves them as if they were his, not many men are willing to take on a pre-made family. We had dated back in the day for 3 years, went our seperate ways and here we are 17 years later! We were meant to be:-)"

Bianca Albone - "He married me before our big day to keep me covered with insurance due to costly Healthcare that I have to have. He's stood by me in my finest Moments like finishing a half iron man, and on days where I literally can't walk thanks to my health. He goes above and beyond what any husband is expected and I love him to bits. Even when I feel my worst he makes me feel beautiful and loved. I am truly blessed."

Kristi Fay - "He's there for me no matter what. He puts me to sleep; wakes me up with a "good morning beautiful"; has stood by my side when I didn't have anyone else standing by me. He saved me from my past and gave me a future to look forward to. If I didn't have him I'm not sure if I'd even be here today. He gives me everything, and has never once broken a promise to me."

Kelsey Noranbrock - "
My Prince Charming is also my Superhero. Without even knowing it he saved me during a very dark time in my life and I might not be here today without him. He's kind and generous and treats me like a princess even on days when I'm acting more like an evil queen. He is so good to me and tells me I'm beautiful every single day. Even if we currently live an ocean apart I know we will live happily ever after very soon. A year and one week to be exact."

Please leave your response and tell us what you think makes a real life Prince Charming!

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