Thursday, October 15, 2015

DIY: Open Bear Surgery on Duffy

So when both of my kids were born, my Aunt got them their first Disney Bear (Back then they were known as Hidden Mickey Bears, now they named him Duffy).    Well, my son knows that at Disney they call him Duffy, but to him this is Tenny!   (No idea where the name came from).   Tenny is alive as far as he is concerned!   This bear goes everywhere and loves to hear stories of Seth visits where he came from (Disney World of course).    I was even told last night that Tenny needs to go back to the parks to search for who is mother and father are.  

After 9 years, you can imagine that bear has been worn down!    He has lived in several states, held Seth through many rough times, and laughed with him in many good times!   He has taken several baths!   And at 9 years old, his stuffing was looking WAY TOO THIN!   I offered to buy Seth a new one (they still make this exact bear!) but that thought was very upsetting to him!   Tenny is alive and can not just be replaced!    

So we decided to give Tenny Open Bear Surgery!   The poor bear was very scared!   Seth assured him he would be there for Tenny just like he was always there for Seth.  We went to the surgical supply store (Hobby Lobby) and bought the right color thread and some new stuffing.    Tenny was scared, so we waited a few days to get his courage.    Then it was time.......

We put Tenny to sleep so he wouldn't feel anything at all.   Then we had to cut a big hole into his backbone (seam).
Getting the hole was actually harder then I thought!  I first tried a seam ripper, and eventually relied on using kitchen shears and stabbing a hole (Seth had to look away) and then pulling apart the seam.  Then I started with his legs, and stuffed them as full as I could get them.  (I followed the procedure I've seen at the Build A Bear Machine LOL).   Then we stuffed his head, then arms and got all those pieces as full as I could get them.    Then I stuffed his belly as fully as I could.  This part is a tad more difficult because you want it just as full, but there is a big hole.    After I got quite a bit, I began to stitch him up.  Once he was half way closed, I added more stuffing (which by the way Seth calls Teddy Bear Blood, yes I did a blood transfusion then!) and continued to do this in steps.    After every few stitches I would add more stuffing until he was almost all stitched up   
Once Tenny was all stitched up, he had a bit of a scar.   I showed Seth and asked if that was OK.  He said you can't see it at all, but you can feel it!   Now people we believe me when I say Tenny has fought battles to protect me!  He has a scar to prove it!!!!!

A very happy boy with a very special bear, all fixed up again!!!


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