Monday, October 26, 2015

DIY Mickey Mouse Shoes

For Halloween this year, my boyfriend and I are going as Mickey and Minnie Mouse.   If you haven't noticed by other posts, Halloween is a big deal in my family!   I was able to fine some patent Yellow shoes for my Minnie Mouse costume, but I couldnt find anything good for his, except those Mickey Mouse House Slipper Shoes.   So I decided I was going to make my own!  It was actually a very easy and cheap process!!!   Not only are these good for Halloween, but those of you into Disney Bounding, this is a very affordable accessory to add!

I started off getting him a pair of Crocs from Ebay (You can also look at your local thrift stores).  I was glad I found this light colored pair in his size, because the lighter the color, the less paint you will need.
These happened to be a pair of tan colored University of Alabama themed ones.  I threw them in the washing machine with warm water, a little laundry detergent and bleach.   This not only disinfected them, it also prepped and primed them to accept the paint.

I then picked up the brightest yellow acrylic paint I could find at the local craft store.  I was happy to find it in a Gloss formula!   Makes it pop more!!   Make sure you use acrylic otherwise it will rub off and not set good.

I just used a basic sponge brush to paint the shoes.   This is how they looked after just one coat!  The paint goes on pretty easy!   

I could have left the straps red, and they would have still looked good, but I wanted to cover up the Alabama logo and I thought glossy black was more of a classic look for the Mickey Mouse Shoes.  The black also helped to cover the red up better.  For painting the straps, I used a regular small paint brush with a clean fine tooth edge.
This how they looked after just one coat.   I could have left them at that, but over a week's time, I added a coat or two each night becuase I wanted them to really stand out and be super bright and glossy!

Here is the finished project!   They look perfect!

For the Mickey Mouse Shorts, I just got red shorts from the thrift store, and cut out two large circles of white felt.  I sewed them on by hand with big stitches so I can easily remove them afterwards, but you could sew them on permanently if you wanted them for Disney Bounding!

What are some cool DIY Disney project you have made??

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