Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Disney Wedding Wednesday: featuring our Pixie Dust Required Wedding! Episode 1: THE VENUE!

I have always loved doing the Disney Wedding Wednesday posts!  But now, I have some exciting news!!!  I recently got engaged and I get to plan our very own Disney wedding!!!  We plan on doing a lot of DIY ourselves and using small vendors when possible and want to share with you as much as we can!   Each episode will be a different detail!   

This week, we are excited to talk about the venue with you!   When we started planning our wedding, we knew it had to have touches of Disney regardless of where we had it.  At one point, we considered doing a small ceremony at the Disney Very Beach Resort to incorporate both our loves for the beach and for Disney.   But we would have had to have our guest count lower then we wanted and logistically, planning it, it was a further drive then what we wanted.

We looked at doing a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding through Disney at their property, but for us, with the budget we had, our guest count would have had to be us the kids (we are a blended family in the making!) and we did not want to sacrifice that.

I immediately turned to Lisa and my friends on the Disbrides on Disney Brides Facebook Group which I have partnered with on this blog many times.   Lisa mentioned a few different wedding planning groups in the Disney Springs area but put me in touch with Jaime Jylha over at House of Blues.   FYI, Jaime IS AMAZING!!!!   We emailed back and forth and then went and had dinner there to check out the venue first hand.  We fell in love with House of Blues for many reasons!

  1. IT IS AT DISNEY SPRINGS!  Ok, so it isnt the Wedding Chapel at the Grand Floridian, but it is still a part of Disney!  Our entire family loves Disney and has had many special memories there, so this made it extremely special to us.
  2. THE FOOD IS AMAZING!  Seriously, when we did our tasting, it sealed the deal.  The food was honestly some of the best we have ever had!   The dessert was so good, we have decided to forgo a wedding cake and let our guests choose between our top two desserts there!
  3. KIDS PRICES FOR RECEPTION.   OK, so this made us very excited.   We are not inviting kids to our wedding to help keep our cost down.  However, we have 4 between us and I cant not include my nephew.  That is 5 kids total.   Most venues will charge you a full adult price for the kids on your list, which always annoyed me.  Most of our kids barely eat much at all.  At House of Blues, they let the kids order off the kids menu and they only charge you that price!   That was a huge deal for us.  I can only imagine how much it would save you if you had even more kids attending!
  4. IT FIT OUR BUDGET.  The prices that House of Blues offer is so extremely reasonable!  They will work with you to make it the best they can for you too!  We are able to have our ceremony and reception, including lunch for a small group of people cheaper than what we could do in our own area, for just a ceremony at most places!
  5. FLEXIBILITY & CUSTOMER SERVICE.   These go hand in hand for me.  Jaime has been beyond outstanding at helping me!   Every little concern or question, she is doing the best to answer quickly and accommodate us!
  6. CONVENIENCE.  We love that our ceremony and reception are in the same building.  We also love that if we have guests we can not fit into our budget to attend the reception, they can still attend the ceremony then enjoy all that Disney Springs has to offer.  By the way, House of Blue has several different spaces they offer to customize to your needs and size of party.

Here are some pictures of the room we chose for the ceremony that Jaime Jylha sent us of another wedding (if this is your wedding, please private message me on our facebook at so we can talk!)  How pretty are the windows that overlook the lake at Disney Springs?!?!?  We plan to add our own Disney touches too!

If you would like to see any more of the details of our very own Disney wedding, be sure to follow this blog for more details or check out our wedding website at

In the coming episodes I plan to share things with you like my Disney Pin Trading bouquets, DIY Ribbon Wands, Disney Wedding Invitations, Special Wedding Party gifts and much more!!!  

If you know of any small business vendors who may be interested in their wedding merchandise being featured, be sure to have them contact me, best way would be private message at our Facebook Page,  If you have any fun tips or ideas, please share them in the comments below, we would love to hear them!

If you need help booking your own magical Disney Vacation, please visit 
and send them a message for a no obligation quote to get started!!   All their services are FREE to you!  Their services include:
  • Finding the best rate possible, they will even notify you if a better deal comes up before your trip
  • Booking all of your dining reservations
  • Booking all of your fast passes
  • Itinerary planning, including helping you plan your visit around the lowest crowds for your dates
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  • Customizing which resort is best for you and your family
  • and so much more!  It is like having your own personal fairy godmother in real life!

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