Tuesday, September 22, 2015

My Real Life Prince Charming and his Goofy Face Challenge

So I know without a doubt that no man (or woman) is perfect!   All relationships take work and have good times and bad times.   But let me tell you, I am a lucky girl!  I get to be in a relationship with my best friend!   This man helps me, encourages me, and supports me in everything!!!!  When I first started brainstorming this blog, he was my biggest cheerleader!  He came up with a challenge that for every $5 donated to my GoFundMe Account he would post a "GOOFY" (Yes, pun intended, hes a funny one!) picture and posted it to his Facebook!   I love that he isn't embarrassed easily, lol.

Well, the account is now at $90!!!   THANK YOU FOR THOSE WHO HAVE HELPED SO FAR!!!!!  $50 of that is from sales from someone who gave me vintage Disney tickets to sell (Still have some left on Ebay, message me if you want the links or more info).

Well, he is a man of his word, so here is My Real Life Prince Charming and his Goofy Face Challenge!

If you want to see him do more goofy faces (don't worry, I asked him to make sure he did face stretches lol) hop on over to my GoFundMe Account and lets make a second edition post!   Hahahahaha



  1. How awesome is that, to have that kind of support! Bravo to you both, you'll bring a smile to all who see, and raise money at the same time!

  2. Awesome! I am so glad you enjoy my blog! Let me know if I can help!