Friday, May 19, 2017

Disney and LulaRoe just announced their new line!

OK, so late last night, I got some news that made me so excited I literally could have cried!!!    Anyone who knows me, that next to my faith and family, the things I love next are Disney, LulaRoe, and my makeup (yes in that order LOL).    I could literally live in LulaRoe.  Furthermore, a majority of the LulaRoe items I own, are because they remind me of Disney if I'm honest.

If you do not know what LulaRoe is yet, it is a clothing company that has the most comfortable clothes you will ever find!   I am not even kidding, it is like living in pajamas!   You can only get these items by attending an in home pop up party or an online party (OK, so people also sell them on Ebay, Poshmark, etc, but consultants are not allowed to do so).    They make clothes for women, kids, and even men!

The leggings are what they are most popular for, but they also makes skirts, shirts, dresses, and more!  But here is the catch, each print released, is only released in certain numbers.   So every item you have, essentially, is a limited release item!

Among the Disney community, LulaRoe has become more and more popular because so many of their prints have the essence of Disney in them!   I have LulaRoe rose leggings that literally have little grey hidden Mickey mouse shapes in them!   There are Disney roses, the castles, leggings that look like they have Simba's face all over them and so so much more!!!

Evidently, Disney and LulaRoe have been working on this collaboration for over a year!  They had a big event at Disneyland California last night (5/18/17) and announced the big news!   This Tuesday (5/23/17) the consultants will be getting more information, so STAY TUNED!!!!!

As of now, THE RUMOR (that's all it is at this point) is that consultants will only be allowed to sell the Disney items at in home pop ups!  If that is true, it will make it much more difficult to get a hold of your favorite item and it will honestly also mean people selling them for higher prices on ebay. The retail price for leggings is $25, currently at the time of this being published, one of the pairs given out last night is going for over $15,000 with active bidding!!!   (I remind you, consultants are NOT allowed to sell items on ebay or they can lose their business.)   It is said that this is a condition Disney has insisted on keeping in there and they will be very strict with their consultants on this.

If you are looking for a consultant, I recommend Beth McQ!  You have to be careful because not all consultants do as they should, but I know Beth personally and have ordered a TON of LulaRoe from her!   She is honest and a hard worker!   You can join her Facebook VIP by clicking this link:  

Because this search is going to be crazy, I am also starting our very own Pixie Dust Required LulaRoe group!    NOBODY will be allowed to sell items for over retail value and there will be rules.    We will welcome consultants and consumers to join who agree to follow those rules!   You can join that group by clicking this link:

Now for the fun part, let's look at some of the prints they have released!  Grab your wallets ladies!!!  Because if you are anything like me, you will want them ALL!!!!

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