Friday, April 28, 2017

The Power of a Button

Ears by ArtGirlCathy

Many people know about the Celebration Buttons you can receive at Walt Disney World!  They currently have four buttons you can choose from that can be found at any of the guest service locations:

Wearing these buttons on a special occasion can add some extra magic to your vacation experience at Walt Disney World!  You will have not only cast members, but other guests constantly congratulating you and wishing you well everywhere you go!    You can't help but smile when your just walking along enjoying your trip and somebody comes up to you to wish you congratulations or a happy birthday!  Honestly, when the fellow guests do it, it makes me smile even more!

But did you know many times, you will also encounter extra magic when wearing one of these buttons?   It is not a guarantee, and you should not get one expecting it, that would just take away the magic honestly, but it happens!!!   The more special the occasion, the more magic you tend to notice!

When we went to Walt Disney World on our honeymoon, we had special Just Married buttons special ordered.  There are a ton out there, you can find links on Instagram and several stores on Etsy.  I personally wanted to make sure I went with one that stayed true to the design of the park Celebration buttons but more customized.   We got compliments on them from so many cast members!  (Side note, if you are going to custom order yours, I recommend going with a color that is NOT similar to the ones the park hands out, several cast members wished us a Happy Birthday when they saw the color blue on a celebration button, which always made us laugh.  They are so accustomed to wishing a certain celebration according to the color they see.)   

Because our buttons said Just Married, we got a lot of extra magic.  Every single character we met with paid extra attention to us and we got some amazing extra photo opportunities with the photographers!   At just about every restaurant we went to, we got offered either a free extra dessert or drink!  Sometimes we got free snacks!   I was even given a Popcorn Bucket!!!    (Yes, the Cinderella one I had been wanting for SO LONG!  Yes, I almost cried LOL).   It made the entire trip just feel extra magical!  I truly think I will order a special button for every trip!

Narcoossee's made our desserts extra special and even gave us an extra dessert to take home!

Le Cellier made our desserts extra special

 I got a free popcorn bucket in the Magic Kingdom

Jeremy got a toy sword and I got a Magic Want at Cinderella's Royal Table

When we went to Gaston's Tavern, we were told that Mickey wanted to congratulate us and that he had taken care of our entire tab!

We got an extra plate of the Grey Stuff at Be Our Guest

We got a free special dessert plate at our Boma breakfast

A free special dessert plate at Tiffins

They made our desserts special at Sanaa

NOTE:  Disney Cruise Line also has their own special buttons, which can be fun, but do not tend to be as magical as they are in the Disney Parks.

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