Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Disney Wedding Wednesday featuring our Pixie Dust Required Wedding! Episode 4: THE BOUQUETS

Today, there is officially 17 days left until the wedding!!!   I have not been able to give the blog near as much attention as I would like to and honestly, my brain is overwhelmed and has turned to mush!  LOL.   I recently finished The girls and my bouquets (FINALLY!) and I could not wait to share this with you!

I SWORE I TOOK STEP BY STEP PICTURES TO SHARE WITH YOU ALL!!   Somehow, either I did not or they got deleted, again, blame it on the mushy brain!!!

Originally, when I was researching what to do with our bouquets, I fell in love with the brooch bouquets and wanted to go that route!!  But then I had a semi-genius idea!   Our family LOVES to Pin Trade at Disney!  We have spent a lot of time as a family doing this and I just KNEW I could take the same concept as the brooch bouquet and add Disney Trading Pins.   

If you love this idea of a Disney Pin bouquet but do not want to go through the TEDIOUS job (and trust me, it is VERY LONG LONG TEDIOUS job!), I know a girl who sells them on Etsy so shoot me a message on Facebook and I will connect you!
OK, so the first thing you need to do is start collecting Disney Pins!   You can either buy them by the lot on Ebay or buy them individually!  We personally bought lots on Ebay and then went and traded them in for ones we wanted (added to the experience).

Next, you want to find your handles!!   For my bouquet, I found a really pretty handle on Amazon.  I got the girls basic ones at Hobby Lobby.  I then ripped the styrofoam pieces off (that was easy) of both.  I found styrofoam balls in the size I wanted (mine is much bigger than the girls) and hot glued them to the handle.   For my bouquet, I spray painted the ball silver before gluing it on.  For the girls, I glued it then spray painted the entire bouquet to match our wedding colors.

Now, you can just attach the pins straight to the styrofoam!  I recommend hot gluing them in if you go this method.  However, I did not want to go this method.  All the pins attached make for a very heavy bouquet I was told!!!  And I was worried with the little bit of pin on the back of them, that it would not be enough to hold it in place.  I would be upset if walking down the aisle one of us started dropping pins!!!

I started looking for ribbon flowers that matched my wedding colors.   Our colors being a real Mickey Mouse red and yellow, that was diffcult!  I found some in the hair flower section and the embellishment section at multiple craft stores (Hobby Lobby and Jo-Ann Fabrics were my favorite).  I then took a long piece of wire, folded it in half, and made a loop.   I would then feed the two wires through the center of the flower and attach the pin to the little loop and use E6000 glue to secure it in (make sure you read the directions on how long it takes to let the glue sit!).   After the glue was solid, I would then twist the back of the flower wires together to make a stem!  This part is the most tedious and took me months to do!

For the girls, I opted to do strictly tulle flowers!  I also used tulle flowers as fillers and the base of my bouquet.   You can google how to make them or click HERE for a youtube tutorial that shows you how!  Those were easier to get the wires through!  I also took scraps from my dress alteration to make the white flowers you will see in my bouquet!

OK, so once you get all your flowers made, the fun part comes (OK, it was tedious too! LOL).  You take the back of the "stems" and use wire cutters to make the stem about 1" to 2" at the most!  This made me feel like it gave some extra grip to the Styrofoam.   Then you start placing the flowers into the styrofoam.  With each bouquet, I let it sit for a few days to be sure I was happy with the placement.   Then I would carefully pull each one out and hot glue it to be sure it was all secure!  

After I had them all glued in, you will see I still had a few bare spots left, especially on mine!   Then I took additional pins and hot glued them right into those spaces.

Even though these took the longest and turned out to be a major pain, I absolutely LOVE that my bouquet (and the girls) will last forever and it has so much meaning!!!!   I absolutely would recommend either hiring the girl I know to do it, or making it yourself, depending on your patience!

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