Thursday, October 27, 2016

Gone Mad Party at the Grand Floridian Resort

A few months ago, The Grand Floridian Resort at Walt Disney Resort launched a new Dessert Party that takes place every Wednesday night at the Gasparilla Island Grill (that is their Quick Service Restaurant) Outdoor Patio area.  All other Dessert Parties at Walt Disney World have always been inside of the parks and an extra ticketed event.  This one however, is open to all people and FREE!   It is rumored to be a trial to what could possibly be other WDW Resorts following the lead with each resort having an appropriate themed dessert party for that resort!  (How awesome would a Lilo & Stitch dessert party be at the Polynesian???)  As an avid resort hopper, I really hope this becomes more than a rumor!

The Grand Floridian's Gone Mad Party is entirely themed around Alice and Wonderland.  (Side note, there were a lot of Alice Disney bound outfits there that night!).  This area in particular has a wonderful view of the castle, and at the time of the fireworks, they pipe in the Wishes music.    The decor they bring out for the desert party is pretty awesome.  They have these amazing bright funky chairs that I was totally in love with!!!!  They stood out in the black lights at night!

They had fun upbeat music playing that at one point turned into a dance party that was being enjoyed by all ages!

They had a table set up with some fun photo booth type props which was cute.  Not many people really used these though!   On a Disney Facebook group I am in, several moms chimed in and agreed that they wont let their kids wear the hats for fear of lice.....which is none of our kids wore the hats (Jeremy is bald and doesnt worry about it LOL). 

The Concession area was set up pretty cool.  They had several options to choose from and a mini bar for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.   It was all lit up with a black light which gave it a pretty cool effect.

I opted for the Butterflies in the Forest Cupcake and the Purple Grin.  Being a lover of Disney Cupcakes and Disney Drinks, I had high hopes!
I have to be honest with you, I was disappointed in both......

At first bite, I think my excitement tricked me and I thought it was good.   However, as I continued to eat, I was more and more disappointed.  This was not up to standards other Disney Cupcakes are.   The cake was VERY dry, the icing had no flavor, and the cherries inside, they just were too much!    I ended up throwing away most of my cupcake.

The drink was not as disappointing as the cupcake, but I still felt it was lacking.  The presentation was awesome with the whip cream looking like the Cheshire Cat's grin, and come on, who doesn't love a glow cube in their drink??  (I admit, I'm a sucker for those!).  But honestly, it tasted like Kool-Aid!   

Over all, our family was not as crazy about the Gone Mad Party as we had expected.  It was also hot that night so that did not help (if Disney is reading, maybe add some fans out there when it's hot, just a suggestion).  I still have high hopes for other future possible resort dessert parties though!!!!  If you are a fan of all things Alice and Wonderland, I would still go check it out!  If you are staying at the resorts and want something cool to do on Wednesday night, I would still at least drop by to see the fun!

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