Thursday, March 10, 2016

Atlantic City Dance Hall at the Boardwalk! (21 and up)

So, as you see, I have been writing several posts about the Boardwalk area at Walt Disney World.  It's because that place truly is amazing!  It's not often crowded and there are just so many amazing places there!  Every time we would go, I would eyeball the Atlantic City Dance Hall, and on a recent trip, we finally checked it out!

I am a big fan of going to Disney without my kids (YES!  I admit it!  I love taking them too though, don't worry).  So the idea of a place for just 21 and up appealed to me!  I am not a dancer (seriously, no rhythm, I would scare you LOL), but I still LOVED this place!

The night we went, there were not many people out!  In fact, right when it opened is when we got there and there was nobody besides us!  LOL.  On different nights, they do different events or themes.  This night they had a Video dance party.  The DJs played different music videos from all different decades!  It was actually pretty awesome!!!

Nice large dance floor with a ton of seating and tables available all around it!

DJ booth.  The two guys there that night seemed like characters!

Large screens they played the music videos on.

This picture does not do their disco ball justice at all!  IT WAS GORGEOUS!  I want one in my house now LOL.

As the night went on, more people did show up.   I could have sat there and just people watched all night!  The atmosphere was great and most people did not care how silly they looked, they were just out having fun!

They do also have a bar there with signature drinks (as well as many other typical varieties).
I got the Chocolate Covered Banana, and can I just say this drink was AMAZING!  I am not even kidding!   One of the best cocktails I have ever had!  Seriously, one of my favorites!!!!   I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend you try it!!!



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