Friday, October 23, 2015

DVC-RENTAL: Best Kept Secret to saving MAJOR MONEY on Disney Resorts

OK guys, I just got in touch with a really cool guy!   Scott Ferraioli over at DVC-Rental.    He has a business that will save you so much money on booking your Disney stay, it is not even funny.  My mind is blown right now and I can not believe more people do not know about this!

Disney offers something called Disney Vacation Club, you have probably seen stands for it all over Disney if you have been there.  Pretty much, it is kind of like a Timeshare for the Disney Resorts that you buy a contract into and pre-pay your trips.    A lot of time DVC owners are not able to use up all of their points for that year, so instead of losing them, they go to Scott at DVC-Rental and he helps them sell those to us!    That way the DVC Owner can get some of their money back for what they do not use, and we get to stay at the resorts at a FRACTION OF THE COST!

Each Resort has a different point system, depending on the resort, room type, and the time of year.   You can see his point charts on his website   Each point is $14.   Which is not only much cheaper than his competitors (anywhere from $14.50-$16 per point), he doesn't charge a penalty rate if you book more than 7 months in advance (the others do!)

You can choose from the following resorts:
  • Animal Kingdom Villas
  • Bay Lake Tower at the Contemporary Resort
  • Beach Club Villas
  • Boardwalk Villas
  • Grand Floridian Villas
  • Old Key West Villas
  • Saratoga Springs Resort
  • Wilderness Lodge Villas
  • Polynesian Villas
  • Aulani Resort (in Hawaii)
  • Grand Californian Villas (in California)
  • Hilton Head Villas (in South Carolina)
  • Vero Beach Resort (Vero Beach, FL)

He will soon have a section on the webpage where he posts confirmed reservations, meaning set room type, resort type, and dates you can choose from; however he already posts those on his Facebook Page.  What most people do, is just contact him through the webpage and tell them what type of room they want, what resort, and what dates, and are you ready for this?  HE MAKES IT HAPPEN!   That is some Disney Magic right there!!!!   (Is your mouth wide open?  Because mine was when I learned this!)  And it gets better, he is a Disney Travel Agent!   That means he can also book your Disney Tickets and Dining Plan for you as well as non DVC rooms (meaning any other resort, Disney Adventure, or even a Disney Cruise!)

I want to give you an example.    He recently booked 5 nights in a Savanna View Studio Room (sleeps 4 plus a child, the room with the view of the animals!) at the Animal Kingdom for $1,190.   If you book through Disney, that room would have cost $2,963.25.  That is a savings of $1,773.25!!!!!

And on occasion, he has specials!  I recently saw a room during the Epcot Food and Wine festival that was going for $8 a point!!!!!!

If you are a DVC owner and didnt know about this, you should definitely get connected with Scott!   It is a great way to make some money back and help others!   And he has a new business going live next week where if you need to get our of your DVC Contract for any reason, he can help you sell the remaining of your contract!!!   (Which also means as a buyer, you can buy into DVC for half the cost!)

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