Friday, October 30, 2015


I am so excited to bring you this week's Disney Fan of the week, because this family just seems like so much fun! I met Jenifer on a Facebook Group for Disney Fans when she posted pictures of her and her family's many collections proving how obsessed she was about Disney!
Disney Shoe and Mouse Ear Ornaments

Vinylmation Storage

 Duffy and Shellie May have their own wardrobe at their house!

 Pin Trading Boards

 Disney Snow Globes
 Disney Stuffed Animals
Disney Tsum Tsum and other Figurines

With a collection like that, especially one that all three of them get into, how could I not feature her!   That is a super fan if I ever saw one!!!  And the story of her family is a wonderful one filled with Disney magic!  

HOW OFTEN DO YOU VISIT DISNEY? Every 6 to 7 weeks.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE DISNEY MEMORY? When my daughter Jada took her first steps on a Disney cruise.

It would have to be my Guiseppi Armani Tinkerbell Statue

WHAT IS THE ONE THING YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO DO WHEN YOU VISIT DISNEY? No matter what time of day it is, when we go to the Magic Kingdom, I absolutely have to get a Casey's hot dog. They are yummy!

WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE DISNEY CHARACTER AND WHY? Well, i have two. I loved Tinkerbell ever since I was a child, and my other favorite is Maleficent. So i guess I have a sassy side, yet I'm mysterious in some ways.

WHAT MAKES YOUR DISNEY PASSION STAND OUT ABOVE OTHERS? I have been going to Disney World every year since 1972, I was 3 yrs old. Im originally from Philadelphia and I am the youngest of three. It was, and still is our family vacation. We would go for two weeks in July, and back then we always stayed at the Polynesian. It was like home for us. We met many people from other states that would go down the same two weeks as us year after year. We called them our Disney family. There were a bunch of us kids who grew up together down there, and still keep in touch to this day. My mom called us Disney "brats". My family started getting bigger as my sisters got married and had children so my father bought into DVC when it was first introduced. We would stay in a grand villa at Old Key West resort. One of the kids I saw from year to year was my husband. He has been going since 1972 as well. We would hang out together as kids and as young adults we became interested in one other and maintained a long distance relationship, me being from Philadelphia and Lou from Detroit. We got engaged moved to Hilton Head Island, SC for his career. We were planning on a wedding at the Polynesian where we met, but my mom got cancer and everything changed for us. I was devastated. We planned a wedding back home while my mom was undergoing treatments. We got married June 2002 and my mom passed away January 2003. I gave birth to our daughter Jada Catherine June of 2004. Her first Disney trip was Nov 2004 when she was 5 months old. My husband Lou and I became DVC members in 2006 so our daughter can continue the legacy. We are still living on Hilton Head for the last 18 years and visit Disney every 6 to 7 weeks, it is a 4 1/2 hr trip for us. We are annual passholders as well. Our annual family trip with my dad and sisters didn't happen in July this year. We are going this month. We are trying something different, a little cooler for dad. This trip will be my daughter Jada Catherine's 87th trip. As far as me and my husband, I have lost count. So there is my story. It's a Disney fairytale. How many people can say they met as children in the most magical place and became husband and wife many many years later and had a princess who is in love with Disney as much as her parents.

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