Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Disney Down Syndrome Princess Awareness, starring SKYLAR RAINE

I am in love with this weeks princess! I personally know 10 year old Skylar Raine and let me tell you, she is a bundle of joy! Everytime I see her I get the biggest, warmest hug! This little sweetie LOVES LOVES LOVES Disney!!!! I hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as I do!

WHAT ARE THREE THINGS YOU WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW ABOUT CHILDREN WITH DOWN SYNDROME? 1) Children with Down syndrome are more alike than different. 2) They show the same range of emotions as anyone else. Contrary to popular belief they are not always happy. Skylarhas her bad days just like everyone else. 3) They have the same dreams and ambitions as others. Skylar takes dance classes, is in cheerleading and has been invited to join her schools choir. 

WHAT IS HER FAVORITE DISNEY CHARACTER? It is hard to say who her favorite character is. It depends on her mood and the day. Currently she is obsessed with Disney Descendants and her favorite character is Mal. The daughter of Maleficent. 

SHARE YOUR FAVORITE DISNEY MOMENT WITH HER: There are tons of wonderful memories with her at Disney! But one that sticks out is the first time she was able to ride Big Thunder Mountain! She was so excited and squealed the whole time. We had to ride it seriously at least 5 times that day.

WHAT DOES DISNEY MEAN OR DO FOR YOUR FAMILY? Disney is absolutely amazing with Skylar when we visit. They are great with all kids. But when we see characters and they notice she may be nervous or having a hard time, they take extra time to make her feel comfortable and make her experience absolutely magical. 

ANY SPECIAL NEEDS EXCEPTIONS YOU WANT TO SHARE ABOUT THAT THE DISNEY PARKS HELPED YOU WITH? Disney is amazing. From their fast passes to extra time with the characters to actually asking us what would make our time more magical. Disney really does go that extra mile.

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