Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Oh Those Delusional Disney People!..........

So when your an adult who loves Disney, you get weird looks and comments from the outside people.   I have a whole group of haters who think I am delusional and live in a world of fantasy.  I get comments when I wear my Disney shirts sometimes (Heck!  Id wear one every day if I could hahahaha).    A lot of those people just do not understand what Disney does for us Disney Fanatics!  I recently posted a question online to other adults who love Disney and the responses were amazing!   There are so many adults out there who truly love Disney for so many different reasons!   Here are a few of them:

  Rich Lorenz
"I've been working in law enforcement for over 23yrs and I see a lot of terrible things everyday. I enjoy going to Disney because I know when I go it is going to be to a great time for me and my kids. Every time I go its special. We make special memories and do new things. I know the parks are clean and safe and I don't have to worry what my experience is going to be like. We have gone other places and tried new things, trying to save a few dollars. But always end up saying we should have gone back to Disney. So now we just plan our trip every year. My kids are involved in picking our hotel and dining reservations. So it's not just the trip. It's the whole planning that we enjoy. With as many times as we go there are always new things to experience. It is always a positive experience and something we look forward to every year. This is just some of the reasons I go and feel it's not just for kids."

  Christine Marks
"Well I have been going there since I was a kid and as a kid it was a place that always made me happy. I have amazing and fun memories there as a child and now that I'm an adult it's my place where I find sanity in my crazy life. I am a single mom with two amazing kids and I have gone through some crazy life experiences where it's really impacted my life. I now get anxiety and I have never had it until about a year ago. When I have a break from work and life, I love taking my girls to Disneyland. It's a place that brings happiness and joy back into my life. Luckily, my life situation is getting better/easier but I turn to Disneyland when I just want out of reality and into a place of complete happiness and fun. I just love being in the atmosphere of Disneyland and can go to Disneyland to just walk around and just take in the park. I don't need to go on rides to make me enjoy myself. But the thing I love most about Disneyland is seeing the happiness from my kids faces when they are in the park."

Cheryl Biazzo
"We are known as the Disney family. It's a bond my husband and I have had since we've met. We go to Disney at least every other year. We collect Disney. Have a Disney room. My van is covered in Disney and it brings so much joy to other people to just look at it and take pictures. It like the universal language with no prejudice of color, race...these Disney groups helped my husband get through his CANCER treatments this past summer. Over 100 Disney friends sent him cards, letters, gifts to rush him well. We are actually meeting up with a few of them when we go to WDW in two weeks."

Courtney Del Rosario
"Die hard Disney fan since I was very young pass holder for 15+ years now. Favorite character is Mickey Mouse. Disney just makes me smile it's my happy place. My kitchen is red and yellow I have Disney dishes I have two curios in my dining room that are filled with Disney treasures. I raised my kids as Disney nerds and got my husband on board. It's hard to explain the joy I get from being a Disney fan. It's my life, I talk about it to my co workers who think I'm nuts, but are jealous that they can't go as often. My husband and I have date night every Friday and it's usually at Disneyland or Downtown Disney. If I had it my way, I would work there so I can be there even more."

  Candice Peterson 
"I'm originally from Oregon City,Oregon. My Nana and Papa lived in Sacramento, California. My brother and I would spend our summers in California with them. Looking back now I realize we did this because my mom was sick but we didn't know this. My parents kept it from us until the end pretty much. My mom died when I was ten and my brother was six. Anyway most of those summers my grandparents would take us to Disneyland. It became a very magical place for me. When I was twelve my dad moved us to Sacramento to have help with my brother and I. We didn't have a lot of money but the only family trip we did was to Disneyland as teenagers. My dad loved it as well. Fast forward 2011, I went with my dad to Disney World for his first time and unfortunately his last as he died in 2012. Disneyland has always been my happy place. I live still in Sacramento but am a Flight Attendant for an airline,where I can fly free. So I am an annual pass holder. Anytime I'm feeling sad or just need a little pick me up, I go to Disneyland! It's fun to just people watch and see all the magic around me. I also go when I'm happy too! It's just a very special place! I guess if you don't get, you don't get it! More magic for the rest of us! Lol"


Sarah Byer
"At almost 23 years old and having a Disneyland annual passport, unfortunately I get put down for loving Disney. But it's more of a look that they give me when I tell them I love Disney. Then it's an awkward smile. Disney makes my life feel magical. That's the only way to describe it. I can go on and on for hours about the Disney company and all the amazing facts that no one really knows about. It's my passion, along with Harry Potter. My friends, boyfriend, and family support my love for the company and the parks and that's what keeps me going in my passion. When I see a new movie, I get so moved by the magic that was put in by the makers. Even when I watch older movies! The magic is improved and you can totally see that. You can tell that the makers have a passion for their jobs and you can tell they are making it for the fans. I always get teary eyed. I even cry when I see the entertainment and attractions at the parks! I know for a fact that my love for the Disney company will never die. I hope my future children have the same passion for it as I do, if not a greater one. I want to raise them in an environment that puts an emphasis on keeping an imagination throughout your life. It hurts my heart to see or hear about people not liking the company. It tells me that their childhood and imagination are gone and it really saddens me."

   Melissa Campbell
"I love Disneyland to my core! It brings me back to some of my happiest memories growing up as I spent a lot of time there my mom had an office at the Disneyland hotel. To say the least I've had a tough go at life and have always had an escape from it in the fantasy world... From reading books, movies, or being at Disneyland is where all of that melts away and I can just enjoy and have fun if only for a night."

  Nicole Curtis
"For me, Disney is a tradition. You look past the money it costs of the trip, tantrums people (not just kids; adults too) will have and the heat (my God the heat!) to see the magic. My family grew up going to Disney. It's where we celebrated milestones in our journey called life.
We took this time to step away from the world and immerse ourselves in something bigger. As a family those trips were filled with immense love and pride but the first time I went solo was when I found myself.
People often say that there are those moment in life that define the next chapter and for me that began at the end of April 2009. I become part of he Disney Podcast Network (the DPN) and had finally gotten the courage to make it out to on of their gatherings in Disneyland. At the time, I was engaged to be married to a man I knew in my heart wasn't the one. He didn't want to come with me, so I packed and went for five days to meet up with friends I had only known via forums. (Crazy right!).
Those days of playing in Disneyland landed me with the strongest bonds of friendship I have ever encountered. We felt a kinship that I think you get with the magic and wonderment of the parks.
It's the place I met the women who I consider my sisters. Who gave me the strength to walk away from the bad and find the good in myself. They gave me the courage to run and complete two Disney races. Most of all they flew in from all over the country when I said "I do," to my prince.
I head back home in four days. My husband and I don't got for the rides but to sit and enjoy the time together. He and I will ride the train and take in the sights. Sing along to songs and let our souls fill in with the love and excitement of this bond.
Disney is the music of my soul...and I can't imagine my life without the gifts it has granted me"

  Jonathan Lopez 
"I'm not technically an "adult" but still, being 17, other teens think it's odd that I love Disney. They think it's childish and not "cool" they think its gay". What they don't realize is that each person has a reason for loving Disney. Some are fans of the movies, cartoons, stories etc. My reason for loving Disney is that it was my coping mechanism from stress and depression. Growing up in an abusive family, Disney was my outlet. It was my own way to escape the real world and immerse my self into the life of fantasy. It made me forget about the pain and sorrow."

Because I have had such a great response, I want to start a new blog segment called DISNEY FAN FRIDAY!    If you are or know any super fans, please messsage me to nominate them and each Friday I will showcase a new fan.

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  1. I totally understand about this. I still get questions and comments about why I love Disney so much and when did I become so Disney crazy. But the comments don't bother me so much anymore. I wear my Disney jewelry, shirts and hats with pride! :)

  2. I love Disney! We took our four year old to Disney land for the first time this year and had an amazing time.

    1. It is hard to understand how someone could not love Disney isnt it?

  3. Ahh pick me pick me! I got engaged in Disney World and let me tell you I totally feel you on the weird looks, wanting to wear my tshirts, and having a full xmas tree with ornaments =D Thanks for reminding me I'm not alone in my love for Disney. I'd be happy to be a part of your Fridays!

    1. AWESOME! Head on over to the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/PixieDustRequired and send me a message!