Thursday, September 24, 2015

Disney Halloween Addiction

OK so obviously I love Disney, but when Halloween comes around I get excited even more!   Its just a reason to dress up myself and/or my kids in Disney costumes, right?    Well, in discussing our costumes for this year (yes, it worked out we will be different Disney costumes, more to come there) my 11 year daughter said, "Mom!   We always end up being Disney characters!"   Well, I tried to convince her that was not true, and even though we didn't do it EVERY YEAR, I realized how deep my Disney addiction was.   I knew her first Halloween she was a baby Snow White and I was in love (and obviously hooked).    Here are some of my other favorite Disney Halloween Costumes over the years.
4 year old Minnie Mouse (my absolute favorite!)

2 year old Mickey (I ended up having portraits made in these)

5 year old Ariel.  She just had to have the wig, and it cracked me up!

3 year old Buzz Lightyear (He was SO excited about this one)

She made a beautiful Silvermist for a play she was in (I know its not Halloween but I had to share it)
My 9 year old Belle.  I always thought she favored her the most

Me as the Evil Queen at a Disney Costume party.  I had WAY too much fun in this!

Last year as Once Upon A Time Characters:  Emma Swan, Hook, and Ruby

We just got my kids Halloween costumes in the mail yesterday (still waiting on mine) and I can NOT WAIT to share this years with you all!   I will have 6 different Disney characters to post about!!!!

WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR FAVORITE DISNEY COSTUMES???   WHO WILL YOU BE THIS YEAR?  I love reading all the comments and interacting together!

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  1. Love this list!! You are doing a great job- I nominated you for a Liebster Award

  2. OH WOW! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!! On it!