Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Disney Down Syndrome Princess Awareness STARRING GISELLE EVELYN

October is Down Syndrome Awareness month and each week I am hoping to bring to you another Princess to help spread awareness, understanding and love!

I actually met this 5 year old beautiful princess through Social Media (Isn't it an awesome thing?). I was captivated in awe at the outfits Giselle's mom made for her! Then the pictures they took were just stunning!!!! How could I not feature them?!?!

1. They are just like any other child, they're not always happy, they're not always stubborn.
2. She will learn things, just at a slower pace which is fine, gives us time to smell the roses. 
3. She deserves every opportunity in life.

Oh gosh that changes almost daily. Today it's Belle.

SHARE YOUR FAVORITE DISNEY MOMENT WITH HER: There's so many! I honestly do not have a favorite. I think every trip becomes my new favorite trip.

WHAT DOES DISNEY MEAN OR DO FOR YOUR FAMILY? Disney is an escape from reality, just like for everyone else. Our reality is IEPs, therapies, work etc. Disney is a place where we can forget all that for awhile and enjoy our family. Giselle really comes out of her shell there so it's nice to be together while watching her blossom. It's also nice to just get away from that for a while. 

ANY SPECIAL NEEDS EXCEPTIONS YOU WANT TO SHARE ABOUT THAT THE DISNEY PARKS HELPED YOU WITH? One thing we could not live without is the stroller/wheelchair pass. It allows Giselle to stay in her "safe" zone, her stroller, while we go through the lines. She doesn't quite understand the waiting in one spot thing yet and 50 pounds is too much to hold lol! She will get it one day though.

To learn more about this adorable family, please go check out their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/GisellesGarden

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